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Aftershow 810b – Fan Radio w/ TONS of fans!

PART TWO of an ELEVEN HOUR aftershow we did Friday night. Patrick leaves to do things for the night, and ends up going MIA for five hours. Chris holds down the show with Cory, Kevin from Toledo, fans from Canada, and Moody. There’s a lot of drinking and even titties in this one!

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11 Responses to “Aftershow 810b – Fan Radio w/ TONS of fans!”

  1. I’m afraid to listen to this one.

  2. Do you even remember it? And what happened to all the Canada tits?

  3. I think Patrick took them down. I remember some of it. I’m listening to it now, about an 1:30:00 in. This is where it becomes fuzzy.

  4. My favorite part is at 4:18:30. Listen for your delayed reaction. : )

  5. Damn, you made it that far in? Well, where are the show notes? ;,;

  6. No, I didn’t re-listen to it. I was there the first time.

  7. I’m very drunk around 1:45:00 I laugh way to hard at so little.

  8. Fun fact at 2hrs 20min in I am not clued into “Corey’s roommate” story. This is 10,000 times more awesome knowing why “he” is telling her to drop the story now.

  9. Chip Chip (or Chris Chris), KevinToledo, Corey, Moody, Lukster, you guys are great. I am sure I am not the only fan out there who appreciates what you do for the show.
    Also there seemed to be some doubt about whether people would listen to all 11hours of this, I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. Whilst it’s not as polished or funny as Patrick’s shows there is still enough content in there to make it enjoyable. Once again I am sure I’m not alone in this view.

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