Mike Boudet

""I didn't call in to gossip.""


Since 2013, Mike Boudet has served as president of Incongruity Media, in Miramar, Florida. As part of is work with the company, Mike Boudet hosts the Sword and Scale podcast, which at the time of its creation was one of only a few true-crime podcasts to incorporate sound effects, 911 audio, and police interrogations. Nominated for a Webby Award in 2016, Sword and Scale won the award in the society and culture category in 2017.
Mike Boudet throws embarrassing amounts of money at Patrick in the chat room. Everyone likes money, but it’s embarrassing in front of Patrick’s friends.

Show Appearances

NLO 1396: Pellet Girl

NLO 1396: Pellet Girl

August 6, 2021