NLO 1321: Meet Waldorf

Patrick is joined in the studio by what promises to be the most entertaining crew in a long time. Regulars Alex Ansel and Adam Dominguez bring their roommate, comedian and lothario Chris Waldeck to the party. A bit of a case-study between the everyman, Chris walks us through adventure after adventure, from his sweaty genesis in Florida to his recent sexual escapades. Alex teaches Waldorf to smoke a bong, and he completely collapses into a comedic shell that pays off big time. We also discuss a Los Angeles comedian named Elizabeth Stanton who’s caught up in some racism scandal and a possible rapist on the Vegas comedy scene. But mostly, this is about Waldorf. The man is a scamp, a champ, and keeps his suit jacket damp.

Episode Guests

Adam Dominguez

Adam Dominguez

Las Vegas, NV
Chrim Waldorf

Chrim Waldorf

Las Vegas, NV

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