NLO 1424: Gestalt and Batteries

Join Patrick and a cast of animated characters as they sing all the songs you know and love from the Harry Potter movies back to back! Jkjk welcome to the only podcast that can’t stop talking about mundane everyday things like who makes these smoke detectors and what’s the deal with batteries? Patrick annoys Big Irish Jay and the rest of the live audience by edging them constantly. Angie Krum is mad at Patrick but this is all just a big misunderstanding. We check in on Ocha Thai open mic, but it’s just unwatchable for so many reasons. Thai Rivera has issued a complete cope piece about Patrick and his interview with Dee Lila regarding his recent alleged assault. Thai doesn’t have one bad thing to say about Patrick in over thirty minutes of attempted analysis. It’s a weird one, and we’ve never seen Thai open up this much about Patrick, but perhaps they are friends now. Patrick offers Thai an olive branch.

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