NLO 1447: Forgetting Sara Schaefer

Strap in, suckas! We are all over the map on this one! We talk about the fallout of the latest show about Butch Bradley and his misbehaving. The Sword and Scale podcast needs to be investigated. Lex Las Vegas and Trouble in Vegas are taking over this town! Casper quits YouTube in embarrassment. Patrick thinks people should stop being nice to everyone. Remember Sara Schaefer, the dead weight Nikki Glazer tried to carry around for a couple years? Patrick reminds viewers that before her big MTV break, Sara Schaefer thought she deserved to be a full-time comic, despite the lack of talent. She quit her job and begged for money in exchange for potholders she knit in her tiny Brooklyn bird box. We walk through what Sara has been up to since, and it’s mostly breakdowns and editing punchlines out of her own stories. You won’t believe it! We finish strong with our favorite goon from days of old, Nick Starr. Nick has a new podcast, no confidence, and vocal fry for days! You’re not gonna wanna miss this insane attempt at entertaining the masses!

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