NLO 795: Demon Semen

In the studio today is comedian FLIP SCHULTZ – a very good friend and fellow podcaster. In this show we talk about some crazy news stories that seem to indicate the apocalypse is upon us. We learn about a mom who hacked off her babies head and ate it’s brain, and a man who was shot by police for eating the face off another man. We list an iPad for sale on Criagslist and screw with callers who call in. We review a new theme song created by a fan and his ska band, watch a fat girl pole dance, and revive the IS IT GAY? segment with a very sexy caller from Indiana, and it gets hot! There’s never been a better time to join the Overdose, and Patrick demonstrates the new NLO tumblers and makes a mess.


Check out the OVERDOSE for much more content, including today’s EXPLOSIVE aftershow!


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