NLO LIVE: Shuli’s Crooked Cult, Ray Rejects Reality, 24 Hours of Melton? (July 18, 2023)

Patrick kicks of the show meltdown style yelling and screaming about whatever his perception of reality is and why everyone else is probably broken and wrong. Ray has some anger for Patrick and his latest prank promotion. Everyone is sending packages to the Comedy Cellar in NYC to inconvenience and perturb Ray Devito. What will this mean for Patrick’s booming standup comedy career. The savages in the whateververse are being very mean to Aerie Jane and trying to slide in to her DM’s and more. Will she subject herself to the public anxiety of Ray and his world of weirdo fans in Atlantic City? Will Pat Dixon wax that white witch? Patrick has been urged to examine Access Consciousness, which is alleged to be the cult of Shuli and his network. Is it a cult? Are they just selling books? Is this a self-help seminar? Is it pretty much scientology? isn’t normal religion weird, too? Patrick gets urged and paid by a fan to put a 24-hour stream on the books. Bonus ending – we watch Steel Toe miss their goal again after a new racist and super-cringe hype train segment.

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