NLO LIVE: Stress Is a Killer, Ray Can’t Logic, P.O. Box, Shuli Network Theft! (August 3, 2023)

There’s a new AI voice that is sure to be a hit wit the fans. The P.O. Box has a new desk accessory for Patrick to utilize on the show. Is Shuli stealing an idea from Patrick again? Are art contest Fridays at the Shuli network a coincidence? Comedian Ray Devito lives in a world of logic that even he can’t understand. After over a week of being told by every comedian he knows, as well as his trusted non-comedian friends, that his controversial Raytards shirts would not cause him any career issues, Ray decides to finally agree after talking to another comedian who is less-experinced and familiar with the situation.Thanks for helping, Joe List! Joey C and his wife are mad about something, but we can’t tell what. Both Joey C and Ray have received news from the doctor that they are prone to anxiety attacks and need to take it easy. Today’s show is sure to help remedy whatever ails them.

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