September 8, 2023 – Alex Stein STOOPS To Zumock, DonkeyLips Excuses Ahoy, Patrick ATTACKS Shuli

It’s been a week of wild twists and turns, and the rumors are more interesting than the truth. Patrick helps the haters focus on the real issues. Michael Ray Bower has still not answered Patrick’s offer to come on the show, nor mentioned the care package Patrick sent with The Willies VHS and several items of NLO merch. Will he ever acknowledge it? Did he even receive it? Bower has lots of excuses for why he was not cast in some epic films, and one of them is that he’s too thin! Patrick thinks producer Joe copied something weird from NLO to troll him, but Patrick is just dumb! Chad Zumock shows that even a room full of producers can’t help him be funny on Alex Stein’s sad and confusing show.

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