Do you have what it takes to be crowned Pizza Pimp?

Roy Johnson has laid down a pizza creation challenge to the NLO community. We want to seee your best pizza. What makes a good pizza? That’s up to you. All submissions will be judges on photo and video evidence of your pizza, and we will pick a winner live on an upcoming show. You’ve had three months in quarantine to perfect your pie. Let’s see what you’ve got!

Contest Rules

  • You must make your own pizza, and your submission photos/video must prove that you've done just that.
  • You can make any kind of pizza you like. Meaty. Vegetarian. BBQ. Keto. It's your call. Be creative. Let us know what you like and why.
  • All submissions will be judged by guest judges on presentation, bake method, ingredients, and creativity.
  • You must email your submission to [email protected] by Friday morning at 10am PT on July 10, 2020.
  • Links to photos or video via YouTube,Dropbox, etc. preferred.


The winner of the Pizza Off 2020 will get one of the first production Rick’s trucker hats in production, before they go on sale in our new store.