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NLO 1284: Squeezed


Patrick is joined in the studio once again by Alex “Kool Aid” Ansel. Alex has a new show that he has started on the Las Vegas strip at Treasure Island themed around being healthy and losing weight. We find out everything about the show, including the wardrobe and dancers. Yes, dancers. It’s Vegas, so there’s always dancers. Patrick is mad at a barbecue place here in Las Vegas for being inconsistent. Alex doesn’t like candy wrappers in his macaroni and cheese, we have a flashback to the days of Crystal Pepsi, and Patrick talks about sweet mods to his Sunfire.



NLO 1283: Groins and Guns


Comedians Will C and Erik Knowles join Patrick in the studio. Will C was a guest on the show back in 2010 and introduced Patrick to Josh Denny. Will and Erik are a part of a group of comics known as The Veterans of Comedy that travel around performing for veterans as well as military overseas. Will was in the Air Force, the Army and the Marines, but the scariest shit he’s seen might be the inside of a hospital room. Get ready for a really cringe-worthy story about his penis. Don’t say you weren’t warned. We talk about the Florida school shooting and gun laws.



NLO 1282: Meet Landry


Landry Miller joins Patrick and Roy Johnson from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Landry is a young comedian who, in addition to hosting the shows at the club for the week, prides himself on being simultaneously too good and not good enough for everyone else in the world. Landry started comedy at age twelve while branching out from magic, and Roy and Patrick are fascinated by him for some reason. Roy’s friend Jeff also joins us to talk about his teaching techniques. We read some comment cards from the club, try to get Landry to do a Seinfeld impression, and much more.



NLO 1281: Hunting Lacey


Comedian Mike Cronin joins Patrick and Roy Johnson in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We talk about everything that has happened thus far in the week, including some drunk and rowdy audience members, as well as Patrick making out with an old cougar. Mike makes a confusing joke, and Roy explains to us exactly what goes on in his comedy classes. Patrick is upset that Roy seems to have warned everyone that he’s an asshole, and is also fascinated by an order for Patrick not to have sex with a certain friend and employee. Lots of stuff covered in this one.



NLO 1280: Uncle Roy Returns


Patrick is joined by former regular cohost Roy Johnson in Tulsa, Oklahoma to do some comedy shows. Oklahoma is like another planet where everyone is super religious and they take it pretty seriously. Roy’s friend and comedian Lacey Hunt joins as well to get drunk and talk about her affair with a married man as well as the rest of her sordid past. She may or may not be very overweight. Curt Fletcher, another local comedian and Zoot Suit Riot fan joins in as well. We walk down memory lane with Roy, find out when Wolf of Wall Street came out, and so much more.



NLO 1279: Bowl Wrap Up


Patrick is off to Tulsa to do some shows and Mikey is preparing to return home to Edinburgh. We recap the last few days of the Super Bowl weekend by telling you all the latest weird things the members of the Queefsquad are up to. We have an intervention for people who do drugs but don’t enjoy drugs. Penn and Teller aren’t doing a good show right now, and we’re embarrassed to have seen it. Patrick still plans to quit smoking because Mikey is puffing away. We have invented a new movie game. Patrick may or may not have malaria after displaying many of the symptoms.



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