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NLO 1266: Showdown in Spain


Vincent Valentine and comedian Celestian join Patrick for a show in Barcelona, Spain. Patrick tells the story of pissing off another comedian named George, resulting in a rumble on the Rambla. Celestian is a prodigy when it comes to not giving a fuck about promoting comedy shows, and also solving the Rubik’s cube very quickly. Vincent is all about promotion and positivity. Nobody fucked anybody’s mom on this show. Barcelona is basically full of expats running away from something.



NLO 1265: Van Tastik


Singer, songwriter and one-man band Van Tastik sits down with us in Edinburgh. Van is a half French and half American artist whose unique blues style has been winning over crowds at the Fringe, getting him attention from major media outlets such as the BBC. On this hybrid talk and music podcast, we talk to Van about his upbringing, thoughts on music and performing, and much more. We also listen to some of his original songs, as well as a killer cover of No Scrubs by TLC, and get yelled at by Underbelly staff.



NLO 1264: Murmurdered


Comedian Carmen Lynch joins Patrick and Edinburgh Mikey for a silly post-fringe podcast. We talk about how Carmen has some pretty important friends, and also a heart murmur that may or may not become the subject of her clowning-based fringe show next year. Carmen talks about watching Patrick and Katherine Ferns do MDMA the night before. We talk about the best and worst things we have seen at the fringe, when a baby’s asshole is the cleanest it will ever be, and so much more.



NLO 1263: Survival of Sam


Aussie comedian Sam Kissajukian joins Patrick and Mikey in Edinburgh. Sam retails us with tale after tale of animals that have attacked him throughout his life, and we also discuss some possible survival tips that you can use in the future. We talk about clowning and what it is and isn’t. And of course we dive deep in to a discussion of the fringe, the shows we have seen, and life in Edinburgh in August. If you enjoy Sam, please look for him screaming at an animal near you.



NLO 1262: Kath


Canadian comedian Katharine Ferns joins us at the Edinburgh Fringe. We also talk to Daniel Sloss for a bit, because he can’t stay away whenever we are recording a show around him. Katharine talks about her shows at the Fringe, and dealing with sensitive topics like domestic abuse and sex slavery on stage. We also talk a lot about making people uncomfortable, comedy, drugs, sex and jealousy, little people, living in the UK as a North American, and much more. Also, call her Kath.



NLO 1261: Place Your Betts


Canadian comic Chris Betts sits down with Patrick and Mikey at the Edinburgh Fringe. Chris is doing two shows at this Fringe this year, a solo show and a show where he argues with the audience about everything from the KKK to whether or not blackmail should be illegal. We also talk about Uber discrimination, blood stains at a popular Edinburgh bar, Canada’s secret plan to take over the world, and the politics behind some of the free venues at the Fringe. Grab a bag of milk and enjoy the show.



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