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NLO 1298: PB and Jeans


Patrick is in NYC drinking with fellow comedian and big-thinker James Hesky. We are clearly drunk and clearly drinking eleven percent alcohol IPA beer. Patrick has a lot of business ideas that probably are complete shit, but you’re going to hear about all of them. Patrick has a major problem with the new Jurassic Park movie. Patrick recounts his experience going to get a pedicure at an Asian foot emporium. We are heading to Boise Idaho in October to do comedy, which might be your only chance to see us together. Most of this is just drunk rambling, and you need to be ok with that.



NLO 1297: Nanette-flix


Alex Kool Aid Ansel joins Patrick in the studio to talk about the depressing end of comedy. At least that’s the story of Netflix’s newest darling Nanette, and anti-standup special by Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby. Nanette is not good if you are a white male, and it has the entire mood of the show down. We get a special appearance by James Hesky discussing everything from Nanette to his tits. Patrick and Alex are both members of the #juulgang, the movement encouraging everyone to jump on the Juul vape train. There are so many smoking tips in this one for cool kids.



NLO 1296: Flat Fourth


Patrick is in Tulsa hanging out with Roy Johnson for this year’s 4th of July happenings. Not much happened on the fourth because we spent the days leading up to it doing a questionable amount of consuming substances. Roy and Patrick talk a little bit about comedy in the heartland of America, as they do everyone they get together. The basic takeaways are that mumbling on stage is bad and some clubs suck. Patrick almost died the night before this recording and gave everyone a good scare. Roy tries to summon some of the unhappiness of days gone by just to try to fit in with angry Patrick.



NLO 1295: Bourdained


Comedian and food-writer extraordinaire Jason Harris joins Patrick in the studio. Patrick is livid at the children in his apartment complex and a smoke detector that won’t stop beeping. Jason shares his opinions on some of the latest sexual scandals, including Chris Hardwick. Jason is a big foodie, and we talk about some of the best restaurants in Vegas, and throws in some advice on cannibalism. Never meet your heroes, especially if it’s Tom Green. Patrick thinks reenacting shootings is a pastime that will probably never catch on based on our current sensitivities.



NLO 1294: Death and Tacos


Comedian Carmen Lynch joins Patrick in the studio in a sweltering hot Las Vegas. Carmen and Patrick have been busy traveling different ends of the world doing comedy. They discuss their experience at a local taco stand, and Patrick is annoyed by people who can’t seem to get a grip on their simple jobs. Carmen doesn’t know how to eat a burrito. There’s some secret involving Barry Manilow that Carmen won’t get in to for some reason. We also talk about Father’s Day, gross bunny ranch brothel girls, fucking for money as a career, and deciding your own fate for tons of money.



NLO 1293: Mean Smuggin’


Patrick sits down with Moody in New Zealand to talk about all kinds of stuff. Fan Will also joins, as we dive in to the history of New Zealand and find out why Kiwis seem to have such a disdain for Australia and it’s people. Patrick is frustrated that people don’t know how to walk in public. Moody gets taunted about solar roads, but we decide to save it for the aftershow. Moody has introduced Patrick to one of the most covered weirdos on the internet, Christian Chandler. The story behind this guy just keeps getting weirder and weirder the further down the rabbit hole you dive.



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