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NLO 1240: The Postman


Shooby sits in for this almost-warm Monday night show. Patrick bought a new router but didn’t need to. We examine an internet art museum by a passive-aggressive roommate. Patrick almost falls for a fake news story but gets sucked into a YouTube hole of postal education videos. In several different languages. We get an update on the identity of the crazy woman that flipped out on a couple for kissing in a restaurant. So many mothafuckas are getting kicked off of planes lately. Adam Carolla has a TV show that he does live where he plays games and builds thing with other celebs.



NLO 1239: Check Your Oil


Patrick is back with a show to defy the lethargy he has felt about shows lately. Call it laziness if you want, but the state of the world is in shambles and you should probably move on past shows. One of our most lovable fans gets fired from his job. A bunch of our dorkiest fans have created a Facebook chat group. Patrick examines and laments the millions of dollars spent by companies on stupid ideas for April Fools Day pranks and jokes. A woman freaks out at a restaurant over another couple kissing, Indian laundromats are the best, and Amy Schumer hates trolls.



NLO 1238: Tight Head


If ever there was a drunk show, this is one of the drunkest. James Hesky joins in to shake his head disapprovingly of Patrick’s rantings on everything from Trump blow jobs to Nazis that maybe weren’t so bad after all. We talk about the latest drama in our ongoing podcast war with Mike David. We try to talk about topics but nothing ever really gets rolling, except for a review of the new Comedy Central show High Court. There’s a lot of rambling in this one, but it’s funny rambling. We also try to discuss Amy Schumer’s latest Netflix special but it doesn’t go very well.



NLO 1237: Life of Eli


Comedian Eli Nary returns to the show to finish telling us the story of his breakup. Superfan Nate joins the show as the audience for the day, and he also helps Patrick out with some comedy medicine. Eli and Patrick argue over intelligence in our recent presidents, and then Eli begins to tell one of the most insane breakup stories of all time. Patrick rants on women really hard while Eli cringes, and Eli continues a tale of lies and irrational actions that has unfolded in his life in the past year. The main lesson of this show is that the internet is temporary, and these things disappear.



NLO 1236: Bergman in Boise


Patrick is in Boise, Idaho doing comedy shows for some mountain people. Joining Patrick on this show is Ohio comedian Keith Bergman, who tells us all a harrowing tale of how he came to have pig parts and other robot contraptions put in his heart. It’s got everything you could want from a story, including near death, a relationship, and of course sex. Patrick and Keith recount a weird show from Friday night where a heckler named Carl just kept shouting out a punchline the entire show. Keith almost did cocaine once to get laid, and plenty of other ramblings from the comedy condo.



NLO 1235: Rainspotting


Patrick does a late night drunk show with Edinburgh Mikey and fans. And when we say drunk, we mean drunk. It’s almost 5am in Edinburgh and we’ve been drinking beer and whisky since about 8pm. Mikey is under fire for having the most unproductive day off ever. We find out what it’s like to be dating a twenty year-old. Black swans may or may not be the worst. Patrick encouraged drinking and driving. Facebook Live isn’t working because Scottish internet is shit. Yum Yums is the best shitty food in Scotland. If you want to insult someone, ask them if they brought a book with them.



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