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NLO 1306: Bagel Boys


Patrick is in New York City and sits down with Australian comedian Sam Kissajukian. Sam hasn’t been on the show in over a year, and there’s lots to catch up on. Sam is spending some time in New York and immersing himself in the comedy scene and the condensed lifestyle that is the big apple. We discuss how magicians are probably shitty people who rely on playing cards as a crutch, how to get away with kidnapping at a restaurant, and the fragility of the human condition. Sam also recounts chilling tales of trying to help people and having it get dangerous and/or weird.



NLO 1305: Pizza Sheets


Patrick is in the studio to ring in his birthday with former roommate Shooby and superfan Steve Curran. The drinks are flowing and the Juul’s are charged for this thirty-ninth birthday bash, and Steve even ordered a gigantic pizza to celebrate. Too bad what got delivered was a giant sheet of disappointment to Patrick, which he is not taking well on his birthday. We talk about everything from teeth to politics in this one, leaving no stone unturned in the conversation. We sing some old song, confuse pop culture idols, and Patrick shares a recipe you can use for your family gathering.



NLO 1304: Real Heroes


Patrick sits down with comedian Erik Woodworth to talk about their trip to the Middle East and Africa earlier this year. This show was recorded a week and a half ago, and then corrupted digitally, but now it’s restored in all it’s glory. Erik is in town to do a show in Las Vegas for a very short time. We call a tour guide in Africa that scared the guys to death back in January. We explore what a dick nipple is and why people seem to be fascinated with them. And finally, what would a show with two fat guys be without some obligatory discussion about food in some capacity?



NLO 1303: Wallet Wading


Alex Kool-Aid Ansel joins Patrick today for a Halloween show. We wade back in the NLO memory shoe box and listen to an old holiday favorite. Alex is doing a roast for John Wayne Bobbit, the guy who got his penis cut off by his angry girlfriend and then reattached. Patrick notices how thick Alex’s wallet is and they investigate to find out why. Roy Johnson calls in to bitch about ranch dressing and complain about bowties. Patrick has a bone to pick with JUUL about a recent promotion. The door-to-door election pollsters and campaign mailings are getting out of control.



NLO 1302: Chunka Toe


Patrick is back and promising a huge announcement at the end of this show. Fans Paul and Laura from Glasgow, Scotland sit in on this show, and we all start drinking because it’s almost midnight. Paul and Laura recently got married at the MGM Grand by a guy who sometimes dress up as Elvis. Patrick has finally had the smoke detector successfully replaced. Sometimes pooping hurts a lot, and Patrick is going to tell you too much about it before talking about taking a chunk out of his toe. Everyone is stoked about the Mega Millions lottery, but mostly uneducated idiots.



NLO 1301: Bow Now


Patrick is back in Las Vegas and sits down with Canadian comedian Brad Bryans. Or Bryans Bradley. Or something. We talk about how more money really does lead to more problems, including broken refrigerators, failing batteries, and and incessantly chirping smoke detector. Brad is flying back to Toronto, but not before Patrick picks his brain about Canadian comedy. When is it appropriate to bow to Asian people, and how do they interpret it when you do? Kanye West is pissing people off, and Yoko Ono is wasting John Lennon’s money at an alarming rate and in a shameful fashion.



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