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NLO 1258: Meet Frank Carson


Patrick and Edinburgh Mikey sit down with Dan Gordon at the Fringe. Dan is playing legendary Belfast comedian Frank Carson in a show about the comic’s life. We also chat with Matthew McElhinney, the show’s assistant director, master of tech, and one of our favorite people of the Fringe festival so far. We spill beers, talk about the life of Frank Carson for those that don’t know him, speculate on the future of politics for Ireland and the UK, and find out that Mikey doesn’t wear clothes during podcasts.



NLO 1257: The Jew Review


Recorded in Edinburgh, Los Angeles comedian Danny Lobell is back on NLO to talk about his storytelling show. Danny was reviewed by some Jewish publication that he can’t remember, or doesn’t care to try to remember. There’s a dissection of the Scottish accent along with others, and a comprehensive walkthrough of the Jewish belief system as it pertains to getting something called pig protection. Trumpet noises, strange looks from people surrounding us, and a lot more in this show.



NLO 1256: The Garden of Liverpool


Comedians Kyle Legacy and Ruven Govender join Patrick in Liverpool for a pre-fringe podcast. Find out how stupid Patrick is in this show when it comes to operating the podcast recording equipment. Learn about comedy boxing and the stakes of the match Kyle and Patrick will be fighting in once in Edinburgh. Ruven apologizes for creating the monster that is Kyle Legacy. Everyone wants to bang Kyle’s cousin and he isn’t happy about it. And so much more that doesn’t even really make sense.



NLO 1255: Boots and Bonnets


London comedians Chester Constable and Patrick Brusnahan join Patrick to talk cars, weed and comedy reviews. Patrick tells a story of getting swindled by a homeless weirdo when trying to buy some weed in Soho outside of a pub. We also discuss ways in which cars are like women laying down. Comedy reviewers love going around and making comedians feel like shit, and the trend seems to be more widespread than we thought. We try to teach comedy patrons that you shouldn’t eat fish or bring your dog out to comedy shows, and much more. Don’t do drugs, and if you do, at least make sure they are drugs first.



NLO 1253: The Three P’s


Patrick is joined by comedian Paula Gahan in London. Our resident Chip Chip Chris also sits in on this one to add color commentary to some of the discussions, including an incident where Patrick confronted a man at a pub about his unusual hair. We dive in to a lot of topics, but much of it centers around Paula’s occupation as a flight attendant, or air hostess, depending on how politically correct you want to be. We get all the dirt on airline employees you’ve always wanted to know. We also discuss the idea of splitting the check as a couple, buying drugs, and conspiracy theories.



NLO 1252: Homeless Swap


Patrick sits down in London with comedian Frank Cassidy to talk about a bunch of tasteless ideas. We get in to a weird discussion about Jews and Gypsies somehow, and whether or not a religion can be a race, and vice versa. Patrick comes up with an idea for the best reality show England has ever seen. Chip Chip Chris is cooking spaghetti in the background, and we get frequent updates on how it’s all coming along. We talk about trans people and also watch the viral video of comedian Pablo Fransisco falling off stage in Sacramento at a comedy club and being taken away in an ambulance.



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