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NLO 1248: Surging and Sorrys


Comedians Will Watkins and James Hesky are braving the NYC heat to hang out today. New York is boiling hot, and our studio has no windows or air conditioning and tons of equipment, so its boiling. Will and Patrick recount a story about working with a comedy legend who didn’t exactly treat everyone with kindness. We touch on everything from Bill Maher apologizing for his racial language to Uber continually dodging public relations problems. The heat must be having undesired side effects for everyone, because it’s hard to concentrate on anything with seriousness.



NLO 1247: Race and Regret


Patrick in in the studio solo this morning capping off a bunch of news we haven’t really discussed. Just a month before heading off to the UK, terrorism is popping off. Patrick talks about idiots who go to their old employer and shoot up their workplaces. Who knew how many fans are drone dorks? Comedians are afraid of trying jokes because of stupid liberal activists and their phony outrage. Trump is not good at trolling without looking like a complete choord himself. Adam Crowolla has a wife with a voice. Other rants and ramblings mixed throughout.



NLO 1246: Get Buckets


The man, the myth, the legend is here – Kyle Legacy joins us on his adventures. Kyle was on the show back in August in Edinburgh, and is now making his way through the United States doing shows, getting buckets, and pretending he isn’t homeless. We talk in far too much detail about eggs and egg sandwiches, and Patrick talks about his new drone and forces everyone to call him a pilot. There’s alcohol and t-shirts some explanation of what buckets are and how to get them. Patrick and Kyle piss off some guy at a bar who is reading Stephen King books and doing tarot readings.



NLO 1245: Sweet Spinners


Mikala graces us with her presence, and for the first time her phone isn’t cracked. Patrick is jealous that Mikala is getting recognized from the show out at comedy clubs. We take a look at a show where a comedian on mushrooms punches a saxophonist on stage. Fidget spinners are the newest thing to cure kids anxiety issues, because adults need toys now. All hell is breaking loose on airlines around the country. We watch a guy on PCP in Times Square mow down a crowd of people with a Honda Accord. Hoax believers are some of the craziest people on earth. Bitcoin is up, and yet everyone is still poor.



NLO 1244: Boblinson


James Hesky and English fan Bob sit in for Shooby’s last show in NYC! Shooby is off to San Francisco on a cross-country train journey to begin his new life working for Uber. We look back at some of the best Shooby memories in New York, and reveal some new ones. Long-time NLO fan Bob sits in to teach us how to smoke cigarettes, and to show off his audacious postal personality. We watch the gayest rapper we have ever seen on this show, and that’s saying a lot. We find out what happens when you challenge the authority of the federal government. We celebrate with awful cupcakes and birthday candles.



NLO 1243: Shoober


Shooby joins the show with some big news. The future of the NLO universe is up in the air as we weigh our options. Uber is facing some big public relations nightmares including allegedly spying on users and illegally using Lyft internal data, as well as being sued by Google for stealing some self-driving car secrets. The show Survivor is still on and some guy really doesn’t know how to play. The Fyre Festival is the most money you can spend to feel like an idiot. Jimmy Kimmel had a son that almost died and now Republicans hate him for yelling about healthcare. Amazon wants cameras in your house.



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