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NLO 1245: Sweet Spinners


Mikala graces us with her presence, and for the first time her phone isn’t cracked. Patrick is jealous that Mikala is getting recognized from the show out at comedy clubs. We take a look at a show where a comedian on mushrooms punches a saxophonist on stage. Fidget spinners are the newest thing to cure kids anxiety issues, because adults need toys now. All hell is breaking loose on airlines around the country. We watch a guy on PCP in Times Square mow down a crowd of people with a Honda Accord. Hoax believers are some of the craziest people on earth. Bitcoin is up, and yet everyone is still poor.



NLO 1244: Boblinson


James Hesky and English fan Bob sit in for Shooby’s last show in NYC! Shooby is off to San Francisco on a cross-country train journey to begin his new life working for Uber. We look back at some of the best Shooby memories in New York, and reveal some new ones. Long-time NLO fan Bob sits in to teach us how to smoke cigarettes, and to show off his audacious postal personality. We watch the gayest rapper we have ever seen on this show, and that’s saying a lot. We find out what happens when you challenge the authority of the federal government. We celebrate with awful cupcakes and birthday candles.



NLO 1243: Shoober


Shooby joins the show with some big news. The future of the NLO universe is up in the air as we weigh our options. Uber is facing some big public relations nightmares including allegedly spying on users and illegally using Lyft internal data, as well as being sued by Google for stealing some self-driving car secrets. The show Survivor is still on and some guy really doesn’t know how to play. The Fyre Festival is the most money you can spend to feel like an idiot. Jimmy Kimmel had a son that almost died and now Republicans hate him for yelling about healthcare. Amazon wants cameras in your house.



NLO 1242: ODB


Comedian and weed expert Chris Gardner is in the studio with some big accusations. Apparently there may be a giant weed coverup going on, and Patrick doesn’t know anything about how to pack bowls. This show is heavily reliant on transgender news and topics, from some Caitlyn Jenner bombshells to a Heineken ad tricking people into meeting enemies. Bill Nye the science man is back with a new creepy Netflix show, and for some reason turns it in to a transgender pop song lesson. Chris is not comfortable with topics and long videos. We watch a YouTube video that will make you never sleep.



NLO 1241: Feeling Spree


It’s Friday and we’re drinking and talking about a ton of crap today. James Hesky joins in to run the gauntlet of emotions from elated to super-uncomfortable. We catch up on some major news this week, including the firing of harassment-flinging Fox talk show host Bill O’Reilly. A fifty-year-old teacher from Tennessee ran off with a student who is 15, and kept her hidden for over a month. Comedian Aries Spears gets in a fight on a radio show and gets sucker-punched in the face. We talk about the Easter murder man, share some childhood memories, and give a nod to 420 for all the weed heads.



NLO 1240: The Postman


Shooby sits in for this almost-warm Monday night show. Patrick bought a new router but didn’t need to. We examine an internet art museum by a passive-aggressive roommate. Patrick almost falls for a fake news story but gets sucked into a YouTube hole of postal education videos. In several different languages. We get an update on the identity of the crazy woman that flipped out on a couple for kissing in a restaurant. So many mothafuckas are getting kicked off of planes lately. Adam Carolla has a TV show that he does live where he plays games and builds thing with other celebs.



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