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NLO 1271: Thank You Kindly


Comedian Matt Markman joins Patrick for a late night show from Las Vegas. Patrick is still adjusting to living in a land of spiders and scorpions. There’s some jokes about pedophiles the probably shouldn’t be written out here, we decide we are doomed to hackers and companies like Amazon and their Alexas, and we think Donald Trump is drunk or has had a stroke. Finally we watch a report from one of the best on-scene reporters to ever grace the Internet named Rhoda Young.



NLO 1270: JJ the Germophobe


Canadian comedian and all-around freak JJ Liberman is in studio to discuss his Vegas adventures. JJ has been playing poker for a few days and is up thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to shower with a male escort at his hotel. This story and more as we dive in to what it is that makes JJ special. Basically, he dates men and women. Get it? We discuss everything from anal sex to the trial of our most beloved sexual predators by social media.



NLO 1269: XKK


Comedian Skillz Hudson is in the studio to get really high and talk a lot of shit. Skillz is two blunts deep, and opens up about a lot of personal policies he carries in his life. For instance, he doesn’t like to climax during sex, and he loves to shop for his merch by hand. He saves that for his alone time. We talk about the latest shooting in California, and Patrick learns how to play dice from a pro. Patrick is older, Skillz is afraid of bongs, and not all black people look alike.



NLO 1268: Nevadavacado


Patrick is joined by comedian Alex Ansel in studio. Alex used to go by the name Kool Aid, but is trying to shed that moniker. Alex was opening on the road for Jake the Snake Roberts, but also has a history of various jobs, from selling herbal happiness to teaching comedy driving school. Patrick loves his giant tub. We bring back the tradition of the dollar wall. Kevin Spacey seems like he might be a bigger creep than Patrick thought. You shouldn’t shove old cotton swabs in your ear.



NLO 1267: Feeling Up Feldman


Patrick is settling in to Las Vegas and it has a lot to offer. The process of moving across the country is tedious snd time-consuming, and of course nothing goes as smoothly as planned. Kevin Spacey has pissed off Hollywood by using accusations of another actor as an opportunity to announce his homosexuality. Who saw this coming? Corey Feldman promises to out a Hollywood pedophile ring if people give him ten million dollars to make a movie, but this guy seems more nuts than anyone he may be accusing.



PM in the AM – Monday, Oct. 23, 2017


Enjoy this bonus show, recorded at the future studio of NLO in Las Vegas. Patrick is settling in after a long time on the road. Living in Las Vegas means buying a cool car that girls like. We take a look at legal weed in Las Vegas and learn cool words like shatter and preroll. Patrick discusses where he was during the Mandalay Bay shooting a couple of weeks ago, and how not liking country music saved his life. Shooby has a new dog that may need to be put down because he’s a killer.



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