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April 9, 2024: The NOBODY LIKES ONIONS Program!

Patrick is feeling loose and has some emails he wants to get knocked out of the way on the show. The Brandon Network is back and more confusing thank ever. Patrick reads and email that he cannot make any sense out of, but it seems to be very important to Brandon and his network. Joey C wants to hammer out some Hackamania details and make sure that he isn’t being setup. Patrick comforts the Florida man and all seems to be set for a fun event. April won’t be on shows all week over at the Steel Toe compound, but we get to here Aaron Imholte dream and pontificate about all of his upcoming opportunities for the Steel Toe Morning Show program, both online and on terrestrial radio. We dive in to the recent happenings and try to make both sense and predictions out of the insane cope coming from our favorite Minnestota hicks.