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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1240: The Postman

Shooby sits in for this almost-warm Monday night show. Patrick bought a new router but didn’t need to. We examine an internet art museum by a passive-aggressive roommate. Patrick almost falls for a fake news story but gets sucked into a YouTube hole of postal education videos. In several different languages. We get an update […]

NLO 1185: The Brexit Club

Shooby sits in for this Thursday evening show, as we bite our nails about the Brexit. The United Kingdom is in the middle of a political gaffe that has stolen the attention away from the United States and Donald Trump this week. It looks like they may be leaving the European Union, and Sean from […]

PM in the AM 37: More YouTubing

Patrick talks about everything from Adam Carolla to fag dad. Fag dad is our favorite new gay dad on YouTube.    

NLO 1092: Allies

Alli Breen joins the show for the first time in New York. We talk more about Adam Carolla and the recent ruling on the podcast patent he was fighting. We talk about the trans and gay community, and how they need to just chill out. No comedians are ever happy with their careers, from LA […]

AS 1086 – Chip Chip Chris

Patrick and Chris dive deeper into Carolla on this aftershow. We find out about some drama between him and his former news girl.    

NLO 1086: Stern Comedy

Patrick in joined in the studio by the one and only Chip Chip Chris. Patrick will talk about recent travel experiences, including a black woman at the ticket counter in Ohio who just didn’t want to do any work to make sure he got home at a reasonable hour. Chris relates his most recent experiences […]

NLO 1080: Sk8DawG Merchturf

Get gnarly and put your skate in to the grind with this kick-flippin’ show! Patrick is solo, and is recounting the weekend he just spend in Connecticut in detail. He’s pissed at the United States Postal Service for their delays and their crappy tracking system. Now he’s got a big bill and no cash. Thanks, […]

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 6

We wrap up the Marathon Show with ya boi, Jake Lloyd, and fan Ben. This has been exhausting and Patrick is pretty much over it. We learn that D-Fritz loves hotmail and thinks it’s a pretty cool service. We compliment Ben on the fine Ballast Point vodka we are all drinking. We talk more about […]

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 1

The NLO Marathon Show kicks off with D-Fritz. The studio is hot, and Patrick explains his experience running around and trying to find an air conditioner for the studio, since the central AC unit is not working. We introduce you to Cool Cat, and talk about how Target is really going downhill in the retail […]

NLO 1046: All The Best

Patrick is alone in the studio for an energetic and rant-filled show. The big announcement today is that the show is officially moving to NYC this November, and we’ve launched a crowd-funding campaign for help. You can check out all the details at, or just go to the front page of the main website. […]

NLO 966: ADam

D-Fritz is clouding up the studio with his cuteness tonight. Patrick does a late show after venturing out with D-Fritz to see the new Jackass Bad Grandpa movie. Patrick can’t get the idea of getting away out of his mind. He’s thinking of absconding to London and running away from all his problems. The price […]

NLO 939: Mexican Peach Man

Cornell Reid stops by to watch Patrick bitch about a grocery store. Aside from having issues with his dancy chair being broken, Patrick seems to be in high spirits. He details an experience grocery shopping and talks about some of the weirdos he encountered there. Patrick is thinking about doing a show in Houston. Or […]

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