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March 19, 2024: TUBBY TUESDAY! Catching Up With ALL The Fats! Steel Toe EXCUSE SHOW Coverage!

Forget about Kevin Brennan and his wobbly green screen and face-melting bad breath for a day. The Steel Toe Morning Show is becoming a parody of itself – each day beginning with addressing haters, rumors, detractors, and trolls about anything and everything they’ve heard. Of course, Aaron still has to mention Patrick and go on a road-trip of success in his own head to self-soothe. Today we’ve got updates from our favorite fats, including Mersh, Corey Adam, Donkeylips, and of course some of the most rotund ladies on the internet. Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat, or you need some advice on how to live a life that’s larger than most, we have you covered on today’s Nobody Likes Onions.