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March 4, 2024: DAVID SKARICA Is Addicted To Being Poor! NICK SWARDSON Is A DRUNK!

Whether or not you had a good weekend, it was probably better than Nick Swardson’s disastrous show. Watch as a theater turns off the spotlight and microphone of a rambling and hopelessly drunk Nick Swardson. What will this mean for one quarter of the Z-Man’s gigs? Will these two irresponsible drunks be working together in the future? Former Chappelle Show stalwart Donnell Rawlings was also recently spotted at a comedy club popping off. David Skarica, the pimple-faced gray man behind the Bahamian money trap Addicted to Profits, has some more financial advice for you as he shows us around his gross open-air wet market of a home. Find out what makes this man mainland poor!

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MLC Aftershow – June 12, 2023

David Skarica aka Addicted to Profits aka Addicted to Gains is a Bahamas guy who think he knows all about finances and he would be happy to help your family lose it all. Join Patrick as he discusses this complete nut, why he is so upset, and how a simple gray steak seemed to set this man on a path of a complete breakdown. What do Bob Levy and Kevin Brennan think? Are David’s voicemails and calls helping? Let’s get in to more of the mystery that is Addicted to Profits!

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Members Only Show – June 10, 2023

Chad Zumock takes to the internet in another unhinged and possibly intoxicated rant. This time there’s lots of panic yelling, fake toughness, and even a chair being thrown around! Chad pretends everything he has done so far has been a big prank on you, me and everyone else. Chad gets over on everybody else because they’re so dumb. You guys are all idiots.

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Members Only Show – June 9, 2023

It’s been a great day in the Onionverse. Patrick’s album debuted at number one on the iTunes charts, and people seem to be generally enjoying it. Misery Loves Company was amazing today, with both Bob Levy and Kevin Brennan joining the pile-on of Addicted to Profits main man David Skarica, who has been having complete meltdowns over Patrick, a gray steak, and his apparent control issues. Will everyone laughing collectively make David see the error of his ways? Will Lil Mir ever be a musical powerhouse? We explore some music and some documentaries to find out what makes these weird fans tick. Enjoy!