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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "balls"

NLO 1288: Taunting Titans

Patrick is packed in the studio with comedians Tyler Jolley and Jozalyn Sharp, as well as their sidekick Greg Price. Patrick thinks he might have ball cancer but doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Everyone tries to help Patrick brainstorm ideas for pranking a girls softball team because he’s on the mailing list somehow and […]

NLO 1052: Crotch Cash

It’s the last Moody show of his visit to the United States, and ya boi is here too. D-Fritz joins us for a show that is funny, but all over the place. Moody tells a story about going out with Patrick to an In N Out and Patrick rubbing the cash all over his balls […]

Aftershow 788 – Josh Denny, Phoenix Fans

Lots of drinking in this aftershow. Josh and the Phoenix fans stick around. We drink, talk more about the fans, and dive more in to the juggalo lifestyle. We do some rapping. We do some shots. We do some more rapping. Patrick raps as both Cecil and a new character named Kelvin. Then the tazer […]

NLO 777: False Alarm

What an awesome fun show today! CORNELL REID, TESS BARKER, and SCOTT BOWSER are in the studio and we are talking about so much it will make your head spin. Patrick loves hot showers and doesn’t care who knows it. Some nerd fans is calling in to plug an NLO Team Fortress 2 match. We […]