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March 4, 2024: DAVID SKARICA Is Addicted To Being Poor! NICK SWARDSON Is A DRUNK!

Whether or not you had a good weekend, it was probably better than Nick Swardson’s disastrous show. Watch as a theater turns off the spotlight and microphone of a rambling and hopelessly drunk Nick Swardson. What will this mean for one quarter of the Z-Man’s gigs? Will these two irresponsible drunks be working together in the future? Former Chappelle Show stalwart Donnell Rawlings was also recently spotted at a comedy club popping off. David Skarica, the pimple-faced gray man behind the Bahamian money trap Addicted to Profits, has some more financial advice for you as he shows us around his gross open-air wet market of a home. Find out what makes this man mainland poor!