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ATLANTIC CITY: Stuttering John Confrontation Aftermath

Stuttering John Melendez gets approached by Patrick in AC to smoothe thngs over, but Stuttering John will have none of it. Listen to Patrick break down tonight’s incident while it’s fresh on the mind. Who knows what more the weekend at the Borgata will have in store? Will Chad Zumock come? Will Kevin Brennan show? Will anyone fight? Only time will tell.

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ATLANTIC CITY: Kevin Brennan, Ray DeVito, Skimask – MLC Weekend!

Kevin Brennan reluctantly joins Patrick for over two hours in his hotel room doing a podcast with Ray DeVito and Ski Mask! Will Ray be coherent? Is Ski Mask going to murder someone? Have you seen how many keys Kevin carries on his keyring? All of these questions and more answered in this pop-up version of a show in Atlantic City at the Borgata during the MLC podcast meetup!

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ATLANTIC CITY: Bob Levy Joins Patrick For MLC Weekend!

Join Patrick and Bob Levy live from the Borgata in Atlantic City! Who knows what could happen! Will Kevin Brennan be watching? Will he be mad? Will you? What is Ray doing right now? Don’t you wish Chad was here. LOL we have fun! Get the full episode now on the Overdose and Overdose Lite level of membership on YouTube!