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AS 1172 – Patrick

Patrick does a short aftershow, elaborating on the Beyonce Lemonade release. There’s also and in-depth discussion on buffet bacon.   Download MP3    … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and


PM in the AM 17 – BK Edition

Patrick returns with another great edition of P-Melt in the Morning, sponsored by Burger King! You’re going to love the way the new BK breakfast menu rolls of your tongue! Featuring calls from Jon in…

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LONDON 2009 – Full English Breakfast

Watch as Patrick, Chef, Dagre and fans sit down for and old-timey full English breakfast of potatoes, beans, toast, tomatoes, blood pudding, sausage, and whatever-the-hell-else they eat over there. This is a full run down…