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BONUS: Black Pedro & More!

Black Pedro is on fire this time, with claims of financial success and investing wisdom far beyond the age indicated by his hairline. We are still sorting out some issues in the new studio, so bear with us while we test some things out. We hope it's worth is, as we embark on a journey to listen to some of the most insane claims of investing knowledge ever. We also check in on YouTube Donut Operator for some cop videos, and Moody shows us a cringey zoom recording of a British council meeting.

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NLO 841: Buddas

Patrick is solo in the studio. British people are conceited and Britain is a joke of a country. Patrick reads news Overdose subscribers’ names. Patrick takes calls from fans, including a guy names Buddas, who

NLO Shows

NLO 780: Grill Yourself

KEN BARNARD is back in the studio. Also a fan is here from Miami. Patrick is getting death threats from the podiatrist fan from Friday, so this could be the last show ever. We also