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NLO LIVE: Bubba VS. Alex Stein and Shuli, Creepy Lady Kooks! (July 25, 2023)

It’s Tuesday and Patrick is confident that things will work better on the technical front today. Will there be glitches and issues? Most likely. Is the AI voice chat too tinny for some listeners? No doubt. Patrick yells and screams for the fans of the chaos. Bubba the Love Sponge calls out Alex Stein and Shuli Egar of The Shuli Network for disrespecting his program and not recognizing his superior broadcasting skills. It sounds like it may be a big misunderstanding. Why is Bubba defending himself against these guys? Is Shuli a member of a cult that believes in demons and crystals and other weird stuff? It’s possible. Patrick gets a curse from a caller. We watch Ming Chen from Comic Book Men do standup for the first time.