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March 26, 2024: Steel Toe Trouble Town! Never Trust Stevie Lew!

As the dust from the Dabbleverse settles and everyone else besides Kevin Brennan realizes that Mike Bochetti’s simple charm has worn thin, Patrick still has some questions. The drama around one Stevie Lew needs to be put to bed. and Patrick has some final thoughts. We watch a recent interaction between Ray Devito, Quadfather and Stevie on a recent podcast, and try to decipher whether or not this entire thing is a big joke. Chad is back in Tampa, and the drinking and depression train is sure to hit the wannabe comedian hard as he falls back in to his daily routine of not working. The lessons of the day are to be careful who you associate with and watch what you say to strangers. Before you know it your own husband could be trashing you on a podcast, or you could be caught in more lies than you can manage to maintain.