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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1305 – Shooby, Steve Curran

Shooby and Steve Curran are still here and still drinking. We get calls from some of our favorite trolls, including the deluded man-boy who tried to come to Patrick’s show in Idaho. Steve Curran does not handle the trolls well and gets aggressive.  

AS 1228 – Shooby, The Craziest Joe

On this aftershow, we listen to a clip of Crazy Joe like you’ve never heard. We take a call from one of the finest trolls Red Bar has to offer, and more.  

AS 1069 – EZ Clinic

Patrick does a short aftershow and talks about a recent Yelp scandal. A doctor for a medical marijuana clinic in LA has be harassing him with tons of phone calls.    

NLO 1049: Smug Test

Moody joins the studio for this “surprise kiwi” of the show. We also have ya boi D-Fritz in the studio, and too much is going on to really describe. Everyone is drinking and having fun, but staying on topic is not easy. We talk about Joan Rivers and whether or not she deserves your respect. […]

NLO 1047: Giggity

We’re actually really sorry for the way things have been going lately. While all the latest stuff with Josh Denny has continued to brew over the past couple of weeks, it just won’t stop coming. This show is super-packed with funny, and the always gracious D-Frtiz is here to help add balance, but the majority […]

NLO 1035: Defending Denny

D-Fritz and fan Asher are in the studio today for a pre-Independence Day celebration. Shortly after the show kicks off, Josh Denny shows up to talk about the recent hate he’s been getting on the Facebook group from some fans that seem to be a little two-faced. We take calls from people who battle with […]

AS 1011 – D-Fritz, IJHATT Kyle, Hamcast

It’s an extended Friday aftershow with D-Fritz, Kyle from IJHATT, Adam the ham-goblin, Kevin and more. Lukster even calls in on this one. We get a visit from some hackers, and we also get shut the fuck down. It’s really gets to us. Kyle order pizza while Adam and Patrick try to make a coin […]

IJHATT Zippercrash!

The aftershow takes an odd turn, while gearing up for the normal Friday IJHATT show. Somehow both myself and Moody call in to talk to Kyle, and we all end up talking to ZipperJim. There’s a call from Lukster, a bunch of ranting about Patrick from ZipperJim, and so much more. Thanks to Kyle for […]

AS 991 – Drunk Chips

Patrick does a solo aftershow with calls from fans including Chip Chip Chris being drunker than drunk.    

NLO 945: Whory Cory

Patrick is doing a solo show today, but that don’t mean it’s going to be good. You’ll find out what Patrick thinks about laundry pods and laundry powder. Why do we all just agree it’s cool for women to just completely lie about what they look like? Patrick helps new listeners try to understand the […]

AS 938 – Jake Lloyd, Fans

Patrick and Jake get in to some uncomfortable banter. Patrick is nuts. Patrick tries to teach Jake about Bitcoin. Chip Chip Chris and Kevin in Toeldo call in.  

AS 895 – Audacity Failure, Lane, Cory

Patrick and fans try to figure out why Audactiy sucks. Lane and his girlfriend call in. Cory blows up his spot. Drama drama drama.    

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