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NLO 962: All Gussy’d Up

Cornell Reid is in the studio, and he’s showing some pink. Because his shirt is really pink. We talk about girls private parts and what makes them so awesome. Patrick has an issue with his

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NLO 961: Talking Annoying

D-Fritz joins Patrick in the studio to talk about the news of the day. And most of the news of the day, like it or not, is still revolving around this Comedy Central contest. Patrick

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NLO 959: Gravity

Patrick is in the studio solo today to do a quick show before he’s off to San Antonio. Of course, October wouldn’t be October if Patrick wasn’t rambling on and on about this Comedy Central

Aftershow Video

AS 958 – Patrick

Patrick does a solo aftershow with chat room interactions and also yelling at Adam about our new app. Download MP3      … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get

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NLO 958: Splinter’s Lair

Comedians Erik Myers and Chris Cope join Patrick in the studio for a disjointed show. As if the camera problems aren’t enough, this show is just all over the place. But it’s a fun one.

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NLO 956: Up Next

Tony Gaud is in the studio to discuss the Comedy Central Up Next competition in detail. This was an attempt at a regular show that just degraded in to comedy talk. We talk about the

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NLO 955: Taze Marlin

Tony Gaud is visiting the studio from Florida for the Ventura Comedy Festival. Patrick tries to limit the talk about the Comedy Central Up Next competition, but doesn’t do very well. We talk about people

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NLO 953: Update From Florida

Patrick gives an update from the road. He’s been in Florida for three weeks doing shows, hanging out with old friends, and winning Comedy Central contests. Hear all about it and more on this show.