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Nobody Likes Onions

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Bonus Show – Roy Johnson, Landry Miller, More

Patrick is drinking in Tulsa with a cast of crazies. Former cohost Roy Johnson joins in with his friend and fellow comic Jeff, and also local comedian Landry Miller and his girlfriend Zahava. Roy’s old flame Diane is also here adding some firm commentary. This one is off the rails.  

Live in Seattle – August 22, 2015

This is one of our drunkest, most out-of-control live shows ever. Please be aware that this thing goes off the rails fast and never recovers. Patrick and D-Fritz descend upon Seattle to meet some of the nuttiest fans ever. You’ll meet people like Adam, Wes, Davis, Kyllan, and much more. Hear the stories about how […]

NLO 970: Shooby Gets Sleepy

Patrick and Shooby continue to try to make something out of what’s left of this debacle. Shooby has pizza in his stomach, so now he can’t stay awake or handle his liquor. It’s not going well. This show is kind of chaotic and worse than, you know, our usual shows. Enjoy!  

AS 961c – D-Fritz, Zipperfish Creep Show

It’s the final chapter in this edition of the Zipperjim Creep Job. Watch as a man becomes unraveled. Jim calls in to the show. He slams things and takes calls from his peeps. I honestly don’t know what was happening.    

NLO 952: Indianapolis 2013 – Part II

Patrick and Cornell head to Indianapolis for a live show, featuring Ego and the Maniacs, and fans Lane and Stephanie, Adam and Kirstin – the famed NLO fuck couple, Mike from Died Famous art, and Adam our iPhone app developer. The show also rapping, drinking, heckling, and more. Watch this entire show in multi-cam HD […]

NLO 933: Dream Small

Comedians Danny Lobell and TK are in the studio for today’s chaos. This one is honestly off the charts. Maybe not when it comes to funny, but when it comes to being chaos, this show has it all. Everyone is talking all over everyone. Danny may be drunk or something. TK has a story about […]

NLO 658: Drunk Punk Part 2