Bonus Stuff

London Dungeons Tour 2012

Patrick and fans navigate through the London Dungeons. This audio was all recorded on phones in pockets. It may be shitty. Hell. It is shitty. Sorry. But if you’re interested, here it is.   Download…

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 860 – Ryan Stout

Ryan Stout sticks around and Patrick talks about his ex-girlfriend and her possible impending visit. The guys check out what the band Mountain Goat is, and Patrick talks about a girl that wouldn’t blow him….

Aftershow Video

Afterhsow 813a – Fan Radio

It’s another three hours of Fan Radio – that is, after Patrick sets the tone. Chip Chip Chris leads the show again, and we get all the regulars like Star, Cory, Kevin from Toledo, Lukster,…