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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "cliff cash"

NLO 1001: Minding Moody

D-Fritz is in the studio today and he’s talking a lot of shit. He just cant stop gossiping about the fans and stuff. He also thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone. The other day I walked in to his room, and he just had tons of books on the floor about how to manipulate […]

AS 974 – D-Fritz, Bitcoinz

D-Fritz sticks around for an aftershow abut Bitcoins, a call from Cory, and so much more. I think there is something about ba bings and bongs and bangs.    

NLO 980: Cash Trash

Shooby is in the studio today to help walk Patrick through the dysfunction. We talk about all kinds of stuff on today’s show, including the last show, which will be released to Overdose fans only. Apparently Patrick stalks a waitress online with the help of some fans. We get a call from a comedian guy […]

AS 971b – Al Jackson

Al Jackson returns for the remainder of Patrick’s sad, drunk birthday aftershow. There’s too much going on to even try to summarize.    

NLO 975: Cashed Out

Patrick can’t stay long, so pull up a chair and listen good. Perhaps a lackluster ending to the entire Cliff Cash saga. Spoiler alert – he’s a liar. Patrick discusses some stupid project down on some lot or something. Whatever that means. Patrick talks about the ups and downs of Bitcoin, and yada yada yada. […]

NLO 974: Cupcakes and Comeuppance

Come for the Dave Siegel, stay for all the yelling! Patrick is hopped up on something today, because he’s wearing his voice out screaming at the guests. You have to watch the video of the show to find out that he’s doing it with a big silly grin on his face, but either way, he’s […]

NLO 969: Incompetent Proposal

On this show, Shooby and Patrick continued to get trashed and tease the newly discovered Cliff Cash info. Fan Roger calls in and in the most spectacular fashoin manages to bumble what could have been a really cool show moment. It might not matter anyway because he may be a giant liar. This is bonus […]

NLO 971: Big Boy Birthday

The studio is packed today, with comedians Al Jackson and Cornell Reid, and D-Fritz in the corner. He’s not on the ones and twos, though. Al Jackson is late and needs to leave early. I’ll let you make your own jokes. Cornell is wearing a big, puffy bully jacket. Al ends up coming back for […]

NLO 968: Cliff Cash Still Sucks

Ex-intern Shooby stops by the show to hang out and help Patrick kick off his birthday weekend. This show involves quite a bit of drinking, but quite a bit of comedy gold as well. It’s part one of three, and we talk about everything from Ender’s Game to iced coffee. Patrick wants to bring screen […]

NLO 967: Cliff Cash Sucks

Patrick is in the studio solo this evening for a quick update show. The majority of this show focuses on a comedy simpleton named Cliff Cash, or Clifton Freeman Cash, or CliffCashComedy. Either way, this guy decided to give Patrick attitude on Twitter and can’t wrap his head around the concept of fans. Fans in […]