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NLO 1445: Bitchin’ About Butch

Patrick is sauced up and dives in to the always-entertaining world of comedian Butch Bradley, detailing his bad behavior over the years, including his attempt to slander, libel, and fail to pay Patrick for services rendered. Who is this INSANE and UNHINGED comic, where did he come from before the Las Vegas scene, and why is here here? Patrick talks about his LA Comedy Club residency, his questionable treatment of friends and loved ones, and the facade and uncomfortable vibes that make up the world of Butch Bradley – the FUNNIEST comedian in Las Vegas! Don’t you agree? 😂


PM in the AM – Dec 17, 2015

Butch is in attack mode with several new tweets and threats. He’s trying to get Patrick blacklisted at comedy clubs. Let’s see how it goes.   Download MP3     `… This content is for

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NLO 1148: Vanillikable

It’s our last show of the year, and we have so much drama for you. Patrick is in the studio, fresh off the plane from Christmas in the midwest. We talk about some new uStream

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NLO 1147: Domfidence

Comedian James Hesky is here, and we’ve got new Butch Bradley stuff. Butch loses his mind on another Twitter rant, threatening to ruin Patrick’s career and tell every comedy club and booker that he knows

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NLO 1146: Comedy Blacklist

Shooby sits in for a show in lieu of our previously scheduled guest. We’re talking about a recent mishap with a large portion of Overdose subscribers that’s screwed up a lot of things. Patrick is

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NLO 1145: Dinah the Dummy

Patrick does a show with fan and real, live Bitcoin guy Mandrik. On this show, we of course will address all the latest with the Butch Bradley comedy club situation. Coby is being more stubborn

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NLO 1144: Yoko Oh No

We continue the discussion of the comedy club that wouldn’t pay. Everybody’s favorite boi D-Fritz sits in on today’s show, even though I don’t know if it can be officially called a show. We try

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NLO 1143: Do AC

It’s been a week and so much has happened in the world of NLO. We’re joined today by comedian James Hesky, who also wasn’t paid by Coby Frier and Butch Bradley for his weekend in

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NLO 1142: Black Saturday

Patrick has gathered everyone together to hear a special story. It’s a story about how a comedian, once upon a Halloween, worked for a comedy club in Atlantic City, NJ. Now if you’ve ever visited