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October 17, 2023 – STEEL TOE Has a GROSS Penis! Derek Savage Wants You ARMED! Training Tuesday!

Leave the Dabbleverse behind and join Patrick on a magical carpet ride, touring nuts from far and wide and allowing you to forget the same old rehashed nonsense. Patrick thinks the Derek Savage ATM robbery story is worth a revisit, and you most definitely will as well. Kitty Pineapple was the biggest up and coming star nine months ago, and then Patrick pointed out she wasn’t. How’s it been going since? Steel Toe and his woman have a lot of opinions about yeast and want to expose you to some chunks. We’re starting a new segment today in response to the overwhelming joy created by the recent Waffle House training video. You’re going to LOVE the way you look!

NLO Shows

October 16, 2023 – BON DIA! Comedy Shaman is LOOSE! Summer Was BORN To Sing! Another Missed Goal!

Happy Monday, fellow nerds! Patrick covered a podcast by the Comedy Shaman aka Put Down The Pork Pete aka Clay Combing Through Career Options and it did not sit well with the man. While Comedy Shaman has been a polarizing member of the community, it’s important to realize that once you try to be a guy, you are opened up to a world of criticism and unsolicited feedback. Summer Sinclair has the same problem with recognizing and calibrating her own level of talent. And Steel Toe? Don’t worry about Steel Toe – they are still missing goals and tell you that they don’t, all while begging you to help them help you help them have a show.

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Members Only – Comedy Shaman Debuts & Quits NLO – October 14, 2023

It’s Saturday night and the mood is right! Join Patrick and a chat room full of weird degenerates as they reinvent super stickers, get closure on Jared’s dog and so much more! We watch our buddy and pork preacher Comedy Shaman attempt to school everyone about podcasting and show the world how to get back to the old shock jockery. How does it work out? Watch the latest adventures of a man trying to be a guy!