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NLO 1077: Ten Lindens

Patrick is recovering from being sick and does a show packed with recent stuff. We cover the Super Bowl commercials that none of us really care about. It really was a batch of duds this


NLO 764 (Full HD Video)

CHRIS FAIRBANKS is here and he’s giving us the low-down on whether Ellen seems like a nice person or not, and also offering up theories on how weird porno works. BRIAN KING is also in…

NLO Shows

NLO 625: Rordon Gamsay

Jake Lloyd alert! And Brian King is here, too. There’s Patrick, also, of course. The gang is singing along with a great song for donating your car on some stupid website, and they’re talking about

NLO Shows

NLO 541: Grains and Raisins

Patrick is joined in the studio by Jake Lloyd, as well as comedian, actor, and reality television busybody, Theo Von. You may have seen him on Road Rules, or winning the Comedy Central show Reality