PM in the AM: Apple Silicon Launch

Join Patrick in watching the Apple Silicon Mac launch event live. We join Tim Apple from Cupertino, Mexico while he launches the latest Macs using Apple’s brand new silicon processor thingys. It’s all very fancy and everything is shimmering brightly. The computers are fast and boy are you gonna want at least three of them. Chips!

Aftershow Video

AS 1003 – Computah Shoppin’

Patrick shows off the new Hackintosh and some behind-the-scenes studio stuff, and also looks at websites and how they try to sell computers to people. What a hoot!   Download MP3      … This

NLO Shows

NLO 546: How Not To Rap

Patrick is back from a week in Ohio, and he has stories to tell. Stories about not having internet access, stories about trying to get home, and stories about sitting directly in front of a