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Aftershow 1353 (Part 1)

Patrick is hanging out for an eight-hour mega-broadcast. Superfan Moody quickly curbs any instinct Patrick has to venture back to Thai Rivera coverage. We take a wonderful detour into the life of Michael Ray Bower, aka Donkey Lips from a show in the 90’s called Salute Your Shorts. It’s from a thing called Nickelodeon. Before the internet. Anyway, the dude is like borderline homeless now and he’s cooking tacos in his fucking toilet. We wish this wasn’t true.

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Chef Shooby – Omelette

The long-promised, highly-anticipated cooking show with Shooby is here. In this show, Shooby makes a delicious omelette with cheese, kale, sausage, and some of that patented Shooby spice. How does it come out? Does he…

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Patrick Cooks Chicken Tikka Masala

Patrick cooks Chicken Tikka Masala with cauliflower rice in this shitty kitchen show. (Sorry for the shitty video resolution – won’t happen again!)   Download MP3  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In

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Making Eggs

Patrick makes eggs three ways, like a gourmet chef. This video was for an audition for a cooking show on the TV!    … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and

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Chili Time!

Patrick is making chili with a super special ad-hoc recipe. He’s just throwing in whatever is in his fridge. You won’t believe what happens. Enjoy.   UPDATE: Part 2 is now available here: Chili Time…