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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "cowhead"

AS 1092 – Radio Wars

Patrick checks out the latest in radio wars heating up around the country. There is Bubba versus Cowhead in Tampa, and the recent Opie and Anthony blowup. Just some chill radio stuff, and a lot of getting drunk and stuff.    

NLO 1072: So-chella

Shooby aka Snooby sits in for a show today to talk about his issues. His latest issue, which is introduced by a brand new Shooby News theme, is leaving a nice bowl of pee for Patrick each morning in the bathroom. Patrick is off to Los Angeles and Las Vegas this week, on a whim, […]

PM in the AM 33 – Bubba Comeback

Patrick wakes up early to hear Bubba the Love Sponge return to Tampa radio. We listen to most of the show live (ads and all). Patrick doesn’t talk too much because of a sore throat. Bubba ends up calling Cowhead live on air. D-Fritz calls in at the end to let everyone know how much […]

NLO 1048: Condo Cast

Tony Gaud sits with Patrick in a comedy condo in Tampa, FL for a show. This show takes place in a thunderstorm, and at one point lightning strikes pretty much inside the room. Watch the guys flinch on the video version. On this show, we talk about Patrick‚Äôs Florida experiences so far, including almost single-handedly […]

Douche Garbanzon – Part 1 of 3

After our big Bill Burr show last week, we have a 6+ hour aftershow that got super fun. First we talk a little bit about the aftermath of the whole Josh Denny situation. Then we get into a new story out of Tampa, where Johnny B (former co-host of this show) has pissed off another […]