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Members Only Show – April 21, 2023

It’s Friday and our members only show tradition continues! Join Patrick as the chat baits him in to some of the most stupid conversations. Patrick tries to finish all the weed in the studio but the cough is a lot. We talk about the latest Chad and Kevin Brennan drama, including today’s drunken streaming of the MLC Podcast. Hipstar is one of the most awkward motherfuckers you’ve ever seen in your life. Stevie Lew doesn’t show up. The women refuse to abandon this show. Moody and Patrick try to out-embarrass one another. We catch up with Michael Ray Bower. We find out what a Kevin Dumbrowski is. Crazy Joe may be on the verge of a renaissance.

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Steel Toe CRUMBLES on Compound, Fag Dad, Crazy Joe & More!

It’s Friday night and Patrick decides to have some adult juice for the first time in a couple weeks, and it goes off the rails very quickly. Slurred speech and lack of ability to focus are only the beginning of the derailment of this train. Patrick announces a goal for the night and the expiriment doesn’t necessarily go as planned. Find out why peanut butter cup wrappers and paper towels are flying arounf the studio for the majority of this over four hour long debacle of a program. Patrick spills so much drink that nothing may work again. We watch a video of Aaron Imholte from Steel Toe Morning Show where he opens up about his beta relationship with April Imholte. It’s very funny and very cringe. All the women of the chat gang up on Patrick and call the show to prove they are real ladies, and Earl Skakel missed it all.

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NLO 1388: Pawtistic

Patrick has serious concerns about the dog he has allowed in to his home and heart. How do you know when it’s time to give up and just put it outside in the dirt? Seriously? This show starts out normal enough, but evolves in to what is sure to be a landmark moment for the Nobody Likes Onions program. After six years of nothing but harassment and hope from those who follow our history with Crazy Joe, the man himself calls in to the show to talk with Patrick and bury the hatchet! Joe want to possibly broadcast his show on the Onions network, but he’s hesitant to trust the fans if they’re all like that idiot, Curran. There’s big news regarding our personal freedoms and it’s way too confusing to be an accident. Patrick ponders the trouble with Bill and Melina Grates and thinks there might be a BIG scandal coming soon!

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NLO 1355: Remembering Joe

It’s been years since anyone has really thought about Crazy Joe, so some people may not really be familiar with this mad man. Crazy Joe is a wannabe radio personality in the Hudson Valley just north of NYC. He’s been trying to get his radio show/podcast going for about 6 years, but keeps running in to technical problems. He also keeps fighting against anyone who ever tries to help him because of his degraded mental capacity.

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1333 – Crazy Joe Live!

Patrick is cooling off after a heated show, and some fans are here to help. We revisit our old friend Crazy Joe, who happens to be live on Periscope during the show. We learn that Joe recently exposed his penis on his live stream, and he has one hell of a hog. We take some phone calls from some new and old fans, including Edinburgh Mikey and a boy named Branch.

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PM in the AM – Thurs, Dec 28, 2017

Patrick talks about Cryptokitties, the newest digital whatever. We check in on some old favorites on YouTube.   Download MP3  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get instant access.

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The Crazy Joe Remix Show

If you think you’re tired of Crazy Joe, we urge you to give this one a try. We set Crazy Joe to different beats to bring a totally new experience,and also talk about other things….

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TCJS – Jan 11, 2017

Crazy Joe is back and this time he’s really pissed. Oh wait, he’s always really pissed. His rants are getting crazier and his paranoia knows no limits. Joe is back, baby!   Download MP3  …

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AS 1165 – Shooby, Crazy Joe

On this extended aftershow, Shooby calls in and talks to Joe. Patrick tries to get his prepaid phone working to call Joe, but it sucks. This dude is nuts.   Download MP3    … This

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PM in the AM – Feb 2 2016

We check in on a lot of what’s been going on this week. Bernie Sanders has nothing on Larry David. Have you heard about Louis C.K.’s new show Horace and Pete’s? We also watch Crazy…