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Nobody Likes Onions

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PM in the AM – Thurs, Dec 28, 2017

Patrick talks about Cryptokitties, the newest digital whatever. We check in on some old favorites on YouTube.  

PM in the AM – Mon, July 17, 2017

Patrick is live in London talking about stupid TV shows, weed, cars, and more. We celebrate the two-year anniversary of crazy Joe by watching the latest video and more.  

The Crazy Joe Remix Show

If you think you’re tired of Crazy Joe, we urge you to give this one a try. We set Crazy Joe to different beats to bring a totally new experience,and also talk about other things.  

AS 1231 – Shooby, BarWatch, Crazy Joe

We stick around for an aftershow with Shooby and lots of crazy shit happening tonight. We start by examining Mike David’s latest spin about being let go from the Cumia Network. Crazy Joe is in rare form, and then worlds collide when a hopped-up Red Bar fan calls in to duel with Crazy Joe. Who […]

TCJS – Jan 11, 2017

Crazy Joe is back and this time he’s really pissed. Oh wait, he’s always really pissed. His rants are getting crazier and his paranoia knows no limits. Joe is back, baby!  

AS 1228 – Shooby, The Craziest Joe

On this aftershow, we listen to a clip of Crazy Joe like you’ve never heard. We take a call from one of the finest trolls Red Bar has to offer, and more.  

Crazy Joe – Checking in on a Madman

We check in on Crazy Joe and not much has changed. He’s ranting about the Onions even though Patrick hasn’t talked about him or checked in on him in months. A complete nut case.  

PM in the AM – Tues, May 17, 2016

Patrick does a PM in the AM after flying from LA and being awake for thirty hours. Michael Madsen was on his flight and Patrick snapped in his face. We watch some of the latest Crazy Joe stuff. Have a day!  

AS 1165 – Shooby, Crazy Joe

On this extended aftershow, Shooby calls in and talks to Joe. Patrick tries to get his prepaid phone working to call Joe, but it sucks. This dude is nuts.  

PM in the AM – Tues, Mar 1, 2016

It’s the first day of March and PM has your AM, FYI. Raven Symone is an idiot, and the view is stupid. Donald Trump exposed as Drumpf by John Oliver. The latest madness from Crazy Joe and his circus of delusion.  

PM in the AM – Thurs., Feb 4, 2016

BONUS SHOW: a morning show from this past thursday, usually for OD members only. Patrick discusses a recent interview where Sarah Palin snaps at the Today show hosts for getting personal with their questioning. Some YouTube dorks are mad at some other YouTube dorks for trying to copyright videos or something. Groundhog Day is the […]

PM in the AM – Feb 2 2016

We check in on a lot of what’s been going on this week. Bernie Sanders has nothing on Larry David. Have you heard about Louis C.K.’s new show Horace and Pete’s? We also watch Crazy Joe jerk off on periscope to a male caller.  

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