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MELTON in the MORNING! (May 19, 2023)

It’s Friday and Patrick cannot wait to just take himself to the lake. It’s the birthday of one of our most lusted-after members. Join NLO in wishing Dirty Dalish a happy birthday with a birthday card design contest. We get a very weird and exclusive tour of Compound Media behind the scenes. MLC is getting weird and Kevin Brennan is no longer in the Bob Levy business. KC Armstrong delivers his most unreal performance ever as he gets played like a grade-school recorder live on his own show! No MEMBERS ONLY show tonight – join us tomorrow at 6pm ET/3pm PT for our very first Smoke Show. Grab your own pork shoulder and cook along with Patrick!

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Melton in the Morning – April 28, 2023

Happy Friday! Another week of calamity over in the Imholte household has Moby and the Scrimp shambling and constantly worrying about their bottom line. Sometimes they hit the goal, sometimes they don’t, but it’s always accompanied by a rant against the haters full of lies and copes. Bob Levy calls in to talk about recent drama with Chad Zumock and The BS Show. Tom McCaffrey is a real bitch of a comedian. Ray gets bodied on his own show again and wants to do solo shows now. Carlos Danger is a good guy. Chad Zumock is continuing to try to take a shark bite out of MLC. Jake Hudson shows us what southern cooking is all about.

NLO Shows

Melton in the Morning – April 26, 2023

Happy Wednesday, ya worms! So much drama in the NLO, it’s hard trying to keep up with who to be angry with. We talk about elves and why they are so hot, and all the guys in the chat room try to get it in with one of our own. The ladies of NLO are the hottest on the internet. Moody brags about being able to get a new booster soon for the thing that we all forgot about. Some intense discussion follows. Jake Hudson shoots his loyalty load too early. Bob Levy has had about enough of your bullshit. He’s fighting with Chad and taking down anyone who gets in his way. The mudshark marches forward.