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September 22, 2023 – The FUTURE Is BLEAK! Chad Zumock, Donkeylips & Steel Toe Are SUNSETTING!

Happy Friday, mortals! Come with us this blessed day and rejoice in the fact that your life is not hurling down a hallway of despair with limited options on the horizon. Chad Zumock can’t see the end of his career coming, but if he would just clean those fogged up Walmart specs he might have hope! Michael Ray Bower aka Donkeylips has an answer for Patrick regarding his proposition, and it’s the kind of self-sabotage that’s sure to seal his fate. All this plus your Chad Zumock podcast studio renderings in our latest fan art assignment! Strap in, ya saps!

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NLO LIVE: Tape Torching! PO Box Carnage, Summer Songs (July 14, 2023)

Happy Friday! We’ve got some songs of the Summer to serenade your cerebellum! Could there be a new contender for the NLO convenience store banger of the year? Join the pillaging of the PO Box and find the biggest haul yet. And finally, an unboxing of epic proportions that only happens once in a generation! Micheal Ray Bower’s auctioned video tape of the film The Willies has made its way to Patrick’s posession, and as promised, today is a reckoning. Join us around the Donkeylips-fueled flame as we burn a boy’s dreams just for the allure of the lols!

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NLO LIVE: Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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NLO LIVE: KC Armstrong is a Real Boy, Bower is Crushing It (July 7, 2023)

Happy FRIDAY! Join Patrick in putting a tight bow on this weeks mayhem. We have an art contest today, and it’s sure to make KC Armstrong squirm in his pantaloons! We want to see your best homo-erotic interpretation of KC Armstrong from the Howard Stern show – whether he’s dolled up with nowhere to go, or lounging around with the “boys,” we want to see it. Michael Ray Bower has been putting out no content and wants the haters to know he is killing it. What is this delusion that once “kind-of-celebs” have that makes them thing they have the clout and skills to be big stars today?

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NLO (NOT) LIVE: Bowers Micro Peen, Erik Nagel Stinks, April’s Saucy Breast (June 23, 2023)

Happy Friday! Patrick is on vacation at the beach, but he slaved away for you yesterday pre-recording a whole show so that you chat monkeys would get your fix! Patrick has some quick thoughts about Chad and why he needs to knock it off with the constant cope-lies regarding his numbers. What is is! A listener writes in to tell Patrick that all his problems stem from pork! Micheal Ray Bower is changing up his whole auction process and he walks you through how it might probably maybe work one day. There’s an unearthed video where Bower admits to having a micro-penis and proclaiming he doesn’t care about the consequences. April Imholte has opened her social media accounts with confidence an is showing off what’s left of her family whole also displaying more cleavage in preparation for more simpcasting!

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NLO 1462: Wayne, Wayne, Go Away

Rodney Wayne, one of Earth’s slowest-brained Neanderthals, has taken months to respond to the Vegas comedy community’s critique of his gnarly appearance and disgusting talent. Wayne has incorrectly hooked up a microphone in his spare bathroom to record one of the most softboi responses to a critique he could muster, and it’s packed with lies that must now be refuted with evidence. If you’ve ever wanted to see a guy admit all his losses, insane coping rewrites of documented events, and how not to handle someone teasing you, make sure to watch this train wreck. You didn’t like Patrick showing your son on his stream? You messaged him and told him to take it down? You won’t stand for it?

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MEMBERS ONLY – March 24, 2023

It’s Friday and Patrick has a special show just for channel supporters that you aren’t going to want to miss out on! Patrick is concerned about Michael Ray Bower and his recent videos which seem to indicate that he doesn’t really have a good place to sleep at night, and we confirm it by revisiting his old Bower bachelor box apartment tour. We take a preview look at Zach Halverson, who is destined to be the new floating second mic at the Steel Toe Morning Show. Zach seems to suck at comedy, singing Christian rock songs, and also being straight. That’s right – Aaron Imholte’s new funny man is gay, and that could spell trouble for Aaron Imholte, who loves using that word as a slur.

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NLO 1460: Rodney Wayne’s World

Can we just step outside the circle of Aaron Imholte, his flabby little moobs, his sad young wife, and his insane impression of a 2006 radio show for a few minutes? We have a local comedian here in Las Vegas who needs his diaper changed real quick. Rodney Wayne is a tough-talking beta boi who gets real shy when confronted by actual professional comedians about his completely garbage comedy. This guys needs to quit and go spend time with his family – it’s not going to work out for this full-grown chode of a man. Chad Zumock likes to talk and we should clear that up real quick.


MEMBERS ONLY SHOW – March 3, 2023

Tonight we get in to some saucy chat, catching up on a really fun week. Patrick will be running a very real and very legal consensual conversation with the chat that may or may not end with some people getting some free things. It’s hard to say. This show is for members only to thank everyone for the support this past week and in general! We cover the latest from Michael Ray Bower aka Donkey Lips. We also discuss Opie and everything wrong with the broadcaster who can’t seem to find where he belongs these days.

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1446: A Donkey Lips Christmas

Remember the show Salute Your Shorts on Nickelodeon in the 1990s? Of course you do, you little rapscallion. Donkeylips, aka Michael Ray Bower, has been an actor his whole life. But a few years ago his parents passed away, he ran out of money, and moved in to the saddest apartment in Hollywood and started cooking tacos in his own toilet. This latest update from Camp Anawanna’s favorite fat fuck is even sadder than the ones before it. Pour some egg nog, maybe fry up some toilet tacos or another disgusting snack, and sit back and listen as Michael Ray Bower tells us why things have been so hard for him for the past few years. God speed, little friend!

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NLO 1446: Tip Me, Daddy!

Patrick is here on a Friday night, and the drinks and opinions are flowing. On this show, Patrick explores Donald Trump’s latest scam – collectible NFT trading cards, featuring some of the sickest Trump memes out there. What is he doing with this money? Who are the idiots advising our leaders? Elon Musk becomes more and more unhinged as he lets his personal emotions dictate policy at Twitter, sometimes with very little notice to users. Is someone after him? Doesn’t he have other companies to run? The White House is probably lying. Wild Fork Foods sends Patrick a very special gift package. Women are confused about who they are and how they are supposed to behave ad relate to men on dates.

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1426: Mixed Nuts!

Patrick continues the insanity with a look back at some favorites to see what they are up to in 2022. Our friend Michael Ray Bower has stopped posting videos for months, after regular updates from his bachelor box. We watch a house tour we somehow missed previously, and what we see on his chair is enough to bring up yesterday’s lunch. We also check in on Daddy Derek, everyone’s favorite children’s beastiality author. There’s new remixes of the same old footage, and some new books for children you want to screw up at an early age. It’s a rough internet out there, but remember – these lights will guide you home!

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1420: Denny, Donkeylips

Patrick extends the party with a look at some of the most lovable characters in NLO lore. We first check in on Josh Denny, who is doing his thing by trying to crank out interesting interviews and fun topical news shows. Is it working? You be the judge! We also check in on everyone’s favorite efficiency apartment gourmand, Michael Ray Bower. Donkey Lips has some new memory cards to show off, and the cringe is still strong with this one. Finally, our old kiwi pal Moody shows us a new YouTuber he insists we are going to love, but Patrick seems to be skeptical. Let’s dive in to the world of John Fears together and see if it’s worth it, or if this show should have ended sooner.