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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1248 – James Hesky, Hot Hockey

The Penguins are doing something with the other hockey team, and James Hesky cares a lot. We try to sit in the sweltering studio and watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but it’s really hot. Even with our excessive drinking, we can’t bear it. But of course we light a fire first to scare Hesky.  

NLO 1246: Get Buckets

The man, the myth, the legend is here – Kyle Legacy joins us on his adventures. Kyle was on the show back in August in Edinburgh, and is now making his way through the United States doing shows, getting buckets, and pretending he isn’t homeless. We talk in far too much detail about eggs and […]

AS 1241 – James Hesky

James Hesky sticks around for a short aftershow. We fuck up the sound at the beginning. We check out Aries Spears past radio fight.  

NLO 1230: Thainosaur

It’s pretty much like a Game of Thrones episode, because we’ve got Brits and a dragon. Not a dragon. Just Shooby in a stupid dinosaur costume with a voice that is suffering the effects of a week of partying on Holy Ship. Long-time fan Dave from England (or as you may know him, Gay Dave) […]

PM in the AM: Dec 23, 2016

Patrick can’t sleep so he decides to drink early in the morning. This show is basically all about drones and drone shopping. Fans call in.  

AS 1224 – Shooby

Just because the show is over doesn’t mean we stop drinking.  

AS 1217 – James Hesky, Shooby

James Hesky and Shooby stick around for a drunken aftershow. Just try to hold on for the ride.  

NLO 1210: The Thinking Drinkers

The Thinking Drinkers have been boozing up crowds at the Edinburgh fringe since 2011. And they’re not slowing down. This year’s show is called Around the World in 80 Drinks, even though there aren’t 80 drinks mentioned in the show. But let’s keep that between us. Ben and Tom talk about their show and also […]

NLO 1204: Sleepy Sean

Patrick sits and does a late night show with Edinburgh Mikey and Sean. We’re all drunk and very tired. We talk about some of the accolades coming out from the fringe, including some of the lists of the best jokes of the fringe, including one by our old pal, The Smoof. As usual, most of […]

NLO 1201: Chris the PR

Patrick sits and talks with a fringe public relations guru about his experiences. Chris Hislop is a German or a British PR agent, depending on whether or not you believe his words or his accent. Patrick met Chris on the first day of the fringe at the Underbelly press event, where they both proceeded to […]

PM in the AM – Thurs, August 4, 2016

Patrick and Sean recap the first fringe night of Patrick’s run. Spoiler alert. Lots of drunks.  

NLO CLASSIC – Al Coholic

A classic episode of NLO featuring Patrick and fan-favorite Al Jackson. Al Jackson is back and the vodka is flowing again in the studio. We relive the last show where Patrick and Al got drunk and showed each other pics of their penises. Patrick and Al embark down the long, chaotic road to nowhere again […]

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