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Overdose UK 2: The Sauce Argument

Patrick and Chip Chip Chris do a special live show from Chris’s place in London. Chris does fan radio and they argue about sauce more. Download MP3      … This content is for OVERDOSE


AS 888b – Mega Fan Radio

Fans do radio while Patrick runs off for two hours. Patrick intros this segment, featuring Kevin in Toledo, Chip Chip Chris, Ester from Germany and her sister as well, and Lukster. I think they talk…


AS 881b – Fan Radio

Patrick stumbles off hammered, and Esther, Moody and Wes do a couple hours of fan radio   Download MP3  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get instant access.


Aftershow 818b – Fan Radio

Hours two and three of this FOUR HOUR aftershow are dominated by FAN RADIO. Chris G, Kevin from Toledo, and other fans talk about who cares what.   Download MP3  … This content is for

Aftershow Video

Afterhsow 813a – Fan Radio

It’s another three hours of Fan Radio – that is, after Patrick sets the tone. Chip Chip Chris leads the show again, and we get all the regulars like Star, Cory, Kevin from Toledo, Lukster,…


Aftershow 811a – Patrick, Fans

Part one of our awesomely funny FOUR HOUR aftershow from today. This part is mostly fan radio after about thirty minutes. Patrick returns at the end and is present for all of part two. Someone…