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Nobody Likes Onions

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Aftershow 820 – Brian King, Star

Brian King and Star are live in studio. Patrick is depressed. Star is going to punch him. Or is she? We finally order food, but Brian bails minutes before it arrives. Patrick is hurt. Star tries to help. More assistant talk, and your calls.    

NLO 815: Cadbury Yogurt

CORNELL REID is in the studio for the big Monday show! Still no video for the freeloading fans, but Patrick loves his real fans enough to let them see the new studio, and Titanic, during the show. The studio is getting some great new features! Cornell is going to Burning Man with his step-dad to […]

Aftershow 803 – Al Jackson

Al Jackson sticks around for an aftershow. We talk about toasting lettuce. Is it good or bad for the show? We talk about food and GrubHub. What is shawarma?). Kevin in Toledo calls in and Al talks to him while Patrick fetch’s Al ice in an act of reparation for slavery. Kevin doesn’t want us […]

NYC Live Podcast (Audio and HD Video)

This is our LIVE PODCAST from Sidewalk Cafe in New York City on Saturday, May 19, 2012. Guests on the show include Alli Breen, Scott Erick, Cory from High Roller Tattoo, RoBear from New York Ink on TLC, Lily our waitress, fans and so much more. Don’t miss this two hour live show, filmed in […]

Food Truck Suicide

Josh Denny gives his thoughts about the fun and music at the North Hollywood Food Truck Festival.    

Overdose Show 15 – Philly Pizza Party

Patrick is doing an OD show because there wasn’t a Monday show. He’s hungry and orders pizza from GrubHub. People call in, there’s stuff that happens, and there’s a lot of venting about a disturbing series of clips someone emailed in from another podcast. We get the low down from inside Dominos about why the […]

Josh Eats a Glazed Donut Burger

We went to the NoHo Food Truck Fridays and Josh decided to go balls to the wall. Here he enjoys a glazed donut burger in what looks like the middle of Mexico.    

Josh & Patrick Go To Hometown Buffet

The grossest day ever. In HD.    

Patrick’s Car-Cast 1: Phoenix to Los Angeles

Patrick makes the drive home from working in Phoenix for the weekend. This video includes check-ins along the 7 hour drive, from afternoon to night, including pit stops, California inspection station, getting lost and yelling at a GPS in the mountains, a traffic standstill, and even a guessing game. All this video was shot with […]

Aftershow 763 – Mike Bridenstine

More messing around with old people homes, and Patrick tries to teach Mike about QR codes, and more banter with Mike Bridenstine in the studio. They get hungry and bail and go eat, despite a fan’s offer to order them food.   THe audio version of this show contains a call and some other stuff […]

NLO 761 (Full HD Video)

Comedian DANNY LOBELL and intern JUDY are here there and everywhere. They detail Patrick’s new weight gain plan, watch porn intros, and share their experiences auditioning for TV roles. There’s also a news story about a town taken over by the Close Encounters sound, Patrick and Judy get into a brouhaha about Adam Carolla and […]

Semper Pi Pizza – 2007

Johnny gives a tour of the pizzas from Semper Pi Pizza, a favorite back in Tampa that got closed down because the owner allegedly was touching kids or something.But the pizza was amazing. Also in this video: Patrick, Stalker Sean, Whitmore, Shannon.    

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