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NLO 969: Incompetent Proposal

On this show, Shooby and Patrick continued to get trashed and tease the newly discovered Cliff Cash info. Fan Roger calls in and in the most spectacular fashoin manages to bumble what could have been…

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NLO 664: Tron Pron

Sam Tripoli is in the studio, talking about porn and porn stars, and what makes the porn world go ’round. He also teaches Patrick how to spot hookers on Sunset Blvd., and explains how Mexican

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NLO 659: Food Review Friday

Patrick is on the road doing comedy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a new show. It’s Friday, so that means there’s going to be a certain song in this episode that some of

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NLO 656: No More Nickelback

Dan Bialek and Scott Boxenbaum join Patrick in talking about Friday, the hit song sweeping the nation. Still. They also discuss other bad music, like Nickelback. We also talk about news stories involving animals and