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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "gas"

NLO 1272: Oh, Marosa

Patrick apologizes for the unscheduled hiatus. It’s nothing that can’t be explained with a long disgusting description of gas issues. As a result of being sick for days of back to back weeks, Patrick has been watching a lot of Netflix. Chef is on his way to visit and he has very high demands of […]

NLO 947: Chappeltdown

Comedian Sean Green is in studio for today’s packed show. Patrick and Sean talk about the pros and cons of meth and how not to make it in your apartment. We watch some footage of Dave Chappelle’s latest meltdown on stage, and deal with the harsh reality that maybe he just sucks. Patrick walks you […]

Patrick’s Car-Cast 1: Phoenix to Los Angeles

Patrick makes the drive home from working in Phoenix for the weekend. This video includes check-ins along the 7 hour drive, from afternoon to night, including pit stops, California inspection station, getting lost and yelling at a GPS in the mountains, a traffic standstill, and even a guessing game. All this video was shot with […]