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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1287: Shifty Iffty

The hilarious Eddie Ifft joins Patrick in the studio to talk about a lot of stuff. Patrick is intrigued by some recent events involving old show guest Graham Elwood getting in a spat with Eddie. You may remember Graham from his Palm Strike Dance Party video. We talk about how to navigate comedy and social […]

NLO 1036: No Butt Stuff

Ryan Stout is in the studio to help Patrick talk to a prostitute fan. That’s right. On this show, we get a call from a fan who is a prostitute, and she has some stories that will make your skin crawl. Patrick is rocking his summer hair, and uses his good mood to promote evil. […]

NLO 743: Time Cookies

We’ve got comedian GRAHAM ELWOOD in studio, from the Comedy Film Nerds podcast and Doug Benson’s Super High Me documentary. Everything is going great, with Patrick talking about wanting to burn babies and what not, and then Graham tweeted the studio phone number and people called in not knowing what to expect. And Patrick invents […]

NLO 727: Screencapped