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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "gross"

NLO 1290: Doggy Dick Sucking

Patrick is riding back from the Nimbin MardiGrass festival in Australia with a carload of comics. Justin Jones, Lachlan Brooks and Kyle Legacy join in this show during our nine hour trek from Nimbin back to Sydney, recapping highlights of the weed festival weekend. There’s lots of stories, including a man who pissed himself and […]

NLO 1286: Starch Sadness 2018

Join Patrick and Alex Ansel for the fast food argument to end all arguments. We’ve broken down our favorites, as well as many items suggested by listeners, in to brackets for your judgment. We’ve got milkshakes and French fries. We’ve got sandwiches and burritos. We’ve got breakfast, lunch and fourth meal. Which item will take […]

LONDON 2009 – Full English Breakfast

Watch as Patrick, Chef, Dagre and fans sit down for and old-timey full English breakfast of potatoes, beans, toast, tomatoes, blood pudding, sausage, and whatever-the-hell-else they eat over there. This is a full run down of the action, including interviews with the cook and more!  

Fan Dave Vomits in London

We have been drinking until about 5am every day in London. Some people hold their liquor better than others. This is Dave’s story.    

Chili Time 2: Bowl of Chili

If you thought the first Chili Time was gross, you will love Chili Time 2. Patrick is back to show you what happens the day after you cook everything in your fridge in to a hearty chili. (It’s what you think.)    

Chili Time!

Patrick is making chili with a super special ad-hoc recipe. He’s just throwing in whatever is in his fridge. You won’t believe what happens. Enjoy.   UPDATE: Part 2 is now available here: Chili Time 2: Bowl of Chili    

The Butter Straw w/ Brian King

Brian King thinks it will be a good idea to suck whipped butter up a straw at Bob’s Big Boy.      

Chicken Nugget Challenge

Fan and ex-marine Sean the Stalker bet us that he could eat 100 chicken nuggets without vomiting in one sitting. Does he do it? Are we really stupid enough to buy 120 nuggets? Is there vomiting? Find out in this compiled video of the entire showdown. Man versus McNugget – who wins?