IJHATT Dualcast – May 9 2014

Patrick is lucky enough to join Kyle from the I Just Ordered All The Tacos podcast. If you don’t know Kyle, you will. Have a good day. Tell your parents you love them.   Download…


A Kyle-Zip Production

Patrick calls Kyle from I Forgot My Hatt and forbids him from doing a podcast. The event turns in to another viewing of Zipperfish show, and more babbling about nothing. Enjoy!   Download MP3  …

Aftershow Video

AS 1007 – Jake Lloyd

Jake Lloyd sticks around to talk about his birthday and the NLO car idea. Patrick wants to make it happen. Jake doesn’t seem to care. We talk about a lot of stuff on this one,…


IJHATT Mashup Show / Aftershow

Patrick joins Kyle from the He Just Made Terrible Noises radio show and the guys talk about deep things. Like what is the meaning of life, and do we really need women anyway? Then there’s…

Featured Videos

NLO 919 (Full HD Video)

We continue bringing you our Marathon Show from April 2013. This is part six of six. Enjoy Patrick, intern-of-the-day Roger, and a cast of callers, including Kyle from I Know What You Did Last Summer….


PodCrash – IJHATT

Fans crash another podcast that is live on uStream. Moody and Lukster are HILARIOUS in this. The host rolls with it and just allows fans to plug NLO stuff relentlessly for over THREE HOURS. Their…