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Nobody Likes Onions

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Overdose Show 7 – Judge Judy

Patrick does a TWO HOUR Overdose show, but then Judy bails out of the chat room and won’t answer his phone. Patrick starts to let the chat room get to him with whisperings of sabotage and he freaks out. In all fairness, Judy wasn’t here to defend himself for this. And Judy makes pretty great […]

Aftershow 758 – Brian King, Intern Judy

ALLI BREEN leaves so we talk about her nipples for hours. We dig more in to INTERN JUDY and talk about what he is doing right and wrong. It’s a mini-orientation of sorts. We talk about the cinnamon challenge, watch some Canadian do a gauntlet of challenges, from Warheads to habernero peppers to a gallon […]

NLO 758: Starbuckin’

BRIAN KING, ALLI BREEN and the new intern JUDY are here! They talk about the Grammy’s, hitting women, and Brian’s deaf girlfriend. Other topics include abortion, equal rights, Valentine’s day, Whitney Houston, college comedy tours, and dishwasher confusion. Judy fails at buying a MacBook, and Alli has nice nips and lots of cake crumbs. This […]