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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1293: Mean Smuggin’

Patrick sits down with Moody in New Zealand to talk about all kinds of stuff. Fan Will also joins, as we dive in to the history of New Zealand and find out why Kiwis seem to have such a disdain for Australia and it’s people. Patrick is frustrated that people don’t know how to walk […]

NLO 1220: No Puppet

Patrick is joined by Shooby for a late night show from New York. Shooby is fresh back from a work trip to Chicago, where he engaged in sight seeing and sampling the local cuisine. Patrick doesn’t understand deep dish pizza and wishes they’d just put some cheese on top of it. The internet is reeling […]

NLO 766: Complaint Department

Solo show with Patrick today – kind of an inside baseball show. As one caller says, the show is all talk about food and fans. But sometimes that’s what you people need. More Anjeli Jana bashing, more calls from fans, good and bad, and we learn something about what Armenian people eat. One caller calls […]

Cinnamon Challenge

Patrick steps up to do the cinnamon challenge by gulping a heaping tablespoon full of grade A cinnamon. Does he swallow it? Does he cough? Does he die? Laugh at his pain.    

NLO 751: Beavage

Josh Denny and Shooby are in the studio for this extra-long show. Patrick has a lot of people to deal with this week, so he’s taken out the broom so he can start cleaning house. From a new listener who doesn’t get jokes, to some asshole on power trip on Reddit, Patrick is letting loose. […]

NLO 525: Fizzling Out
NLO 486: Club Penguin
NLO 478: Paulking on Sunshine