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Aftershow 759 – Josh Denny

Join Josh, fan Chris, and intern Judy for this aftershow, discussing not only women, podcasting, interns, but also other things. Patrick wants to know what the deal is with ham salad. And more gross things….

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NLO 759: Pizza Proposal

JOSH DENNY and listener CHRIS are in the studio! Patrick tries to tie the knot using Pizza Hut’s Valentine’s Day promotion, there’s store order drama, tattoo talk, Creed talk, and more Judy failures. There’s also

NLO Shows

NLO 758: Starbuckin’

BRIAN KING, ALLI BREEN and the new intern JUDY are here! They talk about the Grammy’s, hitting women, and Brian’s deaf girlfriend. Other topics include abortion, equal rights, Valentine’s day, Whitney Houston, college comedy tours,