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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1301: Bow Now

Patrick is back in Las Vegas and sits down with Canadian comedian Brad Bryans. Or Bryans Bradley. Or something. We talk about how more money really does lead to more problems, including broken refrigerators, failing batteries, and and incessantly chirping smoke detector. Brad is flying back to Toronto, but not before Patrick picks his brain […]

AS 1182 – Clinton, Kanye West

Patrick details how emperor Trump is going to win the world. We take a look at Kanye West causing chaos in the NYC streets this past weekend.  

NLO 1178: The Purgemen

James Hesky is in the studio and we’re sipping on bourbon like gentlemen. Your Friday show includes breaking news of a shooter at the White House, the latest on that EgyptAir flight that went down Wednesday, and Kanye West going bananas on the Ellen show. Kanye believes he can change humanity in the next one […]

NLO 1161: Nellyville

Comedians James Hesky and Darryl Charles are here to talk pepperoni pizzas. Patrick has just learned that rapper Nelly had a reality show. That’s a relief, given the current drama still happening with Kanye West and his newest album. Another list of the best comedians ever has been published, and we go over it with […]

PM in the AM – Tues Feb 16, 2016

The Kanye has lost his damn mind edition of PM in the AM. A new album. A new clothing line. Debt. Twitter. Taylor Swift. It’s all happening.  

NLO 1124: Pablow the Blowfish

Patrick is back from a long hiatus, and it’s time to catch up. We go back to the MTV Video Music Awards and address the two biggest issues on everyone’s mind – Kanye West and Miley Cyrus. Miley is captivating Patrick with a ballad called Pablow the Blowfish. Patrick talks about some upcoming shows, gives […]

NLO 631: Rubber Sheets