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NLO 1198: Mike Drop

Patrick, Liverpool Sean and Edinburgh Mikey sit around and discuss the fringe. Mikey fesses up to the lies he told the night before when he blew off Wes, Steve, Cory and Shooby. We found out

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NLO 767: Kony and Karaoke

Comedian BRANDIE POSEY and young Apple fanatic BRIAN KING are in the studio. We’re talking about the recent announcement of the new iPad, and what it has, and why everyone needs one. We talk about

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Overdose Show 3 – VIDEO

Patrick launches the Overdose to fans, tries to come up with a name for his green onion guy, and much more. Oh, and theres calls and singing. It’s very loose. Put it on in the…

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NLO 455: Kanye Karaoke

We are trying to raise some money for our upcoming trips and things. We are doing a special live show on Sunday night just for you, and it’s nearly three hours long. it’s good times