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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1256: The Garden of Liverpool

Comedians Kyle Legacy and Ruven Govender join Patrick in Liverpool for a pre-fringe podcast. Find out how stupid Patrick is in this show when it comes to operating the podcast recording equipment. Learn about comedy boxing and the stakes of the match Kyle and Patrick will be fighting in once in Edinburgh. Ruven apologizes for […]

NLO 1234: The Undateables

Patrick does a show with Sean in cold and rainy Liverpool, England. We talk about everything from the insane wind and rain plaguing this God-forsaken city to Uber and how their drivers in London are turning into real dicks. Patrick has his own suite at Sean’s house now, but it will soon be occupied by […]

NLO 1196: The Legacy

Patrick is joined by comedian Kyle Legacy Harnwell. Don’t adjust your headphones for this one, Kyle speaks with a thick Liverpool accent and is also distorted by three years spent living in Australia. We talk about a ton of things, most of them can’t be remembered because Kyle’s friend is continually rolling joints on the […]

NLO 1192: The Smoof

Patrick is joined by Sean and Edinburgh Mike to talk about the first few shows of the fringe. We recap some other shows Patrick has done, including a board game smackdown show and a nightmare gig in a tent outside where Patrick pretty much bombed. Mikey and Patrick face off about the name of a […]

NLO 1191: Fringe Freaking

Patrick has landed in Edinburgh and is busy prepping for the start of shows. Sean, defacto producer, moral booster and punching bag joins to talk about the adventure so far. The guys recap some shows around England, their attempts at bribing the press and box office of the venue Patrick is performing in, and all […]

NLO 1071: Popeye’s Pizza

Superfan Sean from Liverpool sits in today as Patrick tries not to be sick. On today’s show, we talk about the holidays, discuss some awesome recent donations by fans, and so much more. Sean is in NYC while bouncing around the world on another mega-vacation. We pop in on our old pal Simply Sara to […]

Preshow 989 – Sean from Liverpool

Patrick takes Sean on a sonic journey before the show.    

AS 988 – Cornell Reid, Sean from Liverpool

Cornell Reid is here for an aftershow with Sean from Liverpool!    

NLO 989: Cheesecaked

Sean from Liverpool makes a last appearance before heading off to Las Vegas. He’s still on his neverending six week honeymoon, with his wife whom Patrick has been teasing all week. She may or may not make an appearance by phone at the end of this late night show. Patrick and Sean have returned from […]

NLO 988: Be a Girl

Cornell Reid and Sean from Liverpool are in the studio today. Cornell has discovered a new thing that lets girls rate guys on Facebook. Only you have to be a girl to even get access. So we’re all switching our Facebook gender (thanks for being so accepting) so we can see what they see. Weird. […]